5 Reasons The Bloodline Storyline Connected With Fans

Is anyone else out there in the WWE Universe a tad sad to see the Bloodline storyline come to an end? The program had fans on the edge of their seats from about 2020 to the present date and continues to be applauded as not only one of the best arcs in WWE as late, but in the company’s history. But why were we all so invested? Here are five reasons:

Bloodline Storyline
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Is anyone else out there in the WWE Universe a tad sad to see the Bloodline storyline come to an end? The program had fans on the edge of their seats from about 2020 to the present date and continues to be applauded as not only one of the best arcs in WWE as late, but in the company’s history.

But why were we all so invested? Here are five reasons:

1. All In The Family

Fans love a storyline that mixes kayfabe with real-life elements; however, there’s nothing we love more than when family members are all involved and at each other’s throats. From Brett Hart versus Owen Hart to The Steiner Brothers, the Hardy Boyz feud, and even Charlotte Flair ousting her father Ric Flair; the WWE audience loves to see family feuds play out in the squared circle. Promos mean a little more when real-life nuances are dropped, and it makes viewers feel as if they are somehow part of the story, especially if the off-camera history is well known.

Plus, when talent “breaks” character in a promo or segment that relates to the real world or says something that they seemingly shouldn’t say, it creates a controversial element to the storyline (even though everyone knows all too well that most of what happens on TV or pay-per-views is highly scripted and likely approved by WWE execs). Still, there’s something deeply personal about family feuds that truly gets the WWE Universe invested.

With that being said, the biggest difference between the feuds mentioned above and the Bloodline storyline is that this didn’t involve only two family members; this involved a big chunk of the new Anoi’a wrestling family generation. It wasn’t a brother-versus-brother rivalry, the faction presented the power struggle between three brothers and their larger-than-life main event cousin, who wanted them all to play by his rules. The friction and dynamics between each respective brother and the Tribal Chief kept fans tuned in, and in some ways, was very relatable to fans.

2. All In The Family

This could be a catch-22; however, this arc was at the forefront of WWE storylines and was given proper airtime. Was it because it involved the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns or was it because the storyline engaged fans where they yearned to see more? Maybe it was a bit of both.

Regardless, the players and story were given ample television time to truly connect with viewers.

3. The Ongoing Plot Twists Kept Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

Ah, the ups and downs that occurred over the past three years! From Jey Uso first challenging Roman Reigns’ authority as the Head of the Table (and succumbing to his dominance near the end of 2020) to Jimmy Uso’s return from injury in the summer of July 2021 (only to challenge Roman, as well and lose); Sami Zayn becoming an adoptive member of the Anoi’a fam jam (and eventually turning on Reigns).

The Usos losing the WWE Tag Titles (which disappointed the Tribal Chief),  ultimately leading to the downfall of the faction; plus the friction and jealous between the stable members, and so much more; the plot twists were plentifully and literally had fans on the edge of their seats.

4. All Participants Cut Incredible Promos, Which Helped With Storytelling

Roman Reigns turning heel when he returned to the WWE for the 2020 SummerSlam event was a real game changer and, in many ways, first launched the Bloodline storyline. He evolved considerably and created a new and unique layer to his character. Reigns became one of the best in the business for promos under his vile gimmick and fans were privy to some incredible mic segments that only helped to invest fans into this arc.

Sami Zayn is no stranger to cutting a stellar promo and mixing him with The Usos, who have always been strong on the mic, fans digested the family dynamics with each word spewed by all Anoi’a family members and the adoptive ones. Add Paul Heyman into the mix, who’s undeniably one of the best on the mic in wrestling history ever, and this all equaled out to some amazing in-ring and backstage segments that helped the story unfold flawlessly.

While Solo Sikoa is a man of few words, this can often enhance the mood of any promo. Facial reactions, body language, and how a person simply stands during a segment can go a long way when words can’t be used or perhaps are not needed.

The banter among the Bloodline members, disagreements, and collaborative moments was serious but also offered an element of comedic relief at times (especially when Zayn was in the picture), which helped tell a story and offer the WWE Universe a tremendous amount of entertainment. So many fans were engaged, looking forward to what would happen next, and enjoying the ride; all at the same time.

5. Strong, Right Until The Finish Line

While multiple stories were being told during the Bloodline saga, one major one was the fact that Roman Reigns remained undefeated for so long. His epic and record-breaking WWE Universal Championship run, which is at 1,040+ days (and counting) at this point, has blown company modern-day milestones and is headed toward “all-time” greatness. Much of the reason Roman has remained undefeated for quite some time, in terms of storyline, is because of the help he’s received along the way from his Bloodline stablemates.

So, the fact that he was the one pinned during the Usos versus Roman and Solo match at the Money in the Bank (MITB) event speaks volumes. It was the perfect ending to years of a power struggle between the brothers and cousin and proved that Jey and Jimmy truly were the backbone of the stable. They just needed the confidence to stand up to him. Doing so on a united proved that they could slay the beast and be the reason for his downfall.

After all, both the brothers challenged Reigns at different points during the Bloodline storyline but did so without the support of the other. The fact that they came together, left the stable, and were able to pin him provided redemption for not only them, but Sami Zayn, and the fans, as well. Plus, Roman still stands as Universal Champion, as this was booked as a tag match. A perfect way to book this match and the “ending” of The Bloodline stable.

With that being said, while the ending was great, it’s kind of sad to see this all come to a close. It’s like finally finding a book that you can’t stop reading. As you race through the chapters and speculate about how it will all unfold, you can’t put it down. As you near the final pages, you are completely satisfied with the ending, but mourn a story well done as you hit the final page because you wonder what you’ll read now.

Where do Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and The Usos go from here? Where does the WWE Universe go from here? Have we lost the one of the few good things about SmakcDown, or will WWE Creative take notes on what worked well? Only time will tell, but as an avid WWE fan, The Bloodline storyline was a great and long ride that couldn’t last forever.

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