Bloodline MITB
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The Bloodline continues to provide some of the best storylines the WWE has seen for a long time. According to a report, everything is set to culminate at this weekend’s Money in the Bank (MITB) event, and the finish of the tag match could be “drastic”.

Finish To MITB Bloodline Tag Match Shall Be “Drastic”

This Saturday’s MITB event in London, England should be a memorable one on all accounts. A match on everyone’s radar is the tag team bout pitting brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso against Roman Reigns and Silo Sikoa.

As per the wrestling spoiler Twitter account, WrestleVotes, WWE Creative is split on two “drastic” finishes for the big match. See tweet above.

From the Twitter post,  it looks like WWE Creative is split between two endings. No further information on what conclusion has been finalized for this epic arc.

Bloodline MITB
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The Bloodline Is In Shambles

The Bloodline faction has been teetering for a while now and it looks like things have gone downhill ever since Sami Zayn left the group. Jimmy Uso then left the fold by betraying the Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

His brother Jey Uso shocked fans everywhere when he chose to align with his brother recently, against the Tribal Chief. He Superkicked Roman on the June 16th edition of SmackDown and in doing so, he let the world know he was siding with Jimmy.

Bloodline MITB
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As such, a match was booked for the MITB premium live event. The faction “officially” formed in July 2021 after Jimmy returned to action from an injury and a program between Roman and Jey Uso finished at the end of 2020.

There’s always been drama between the three cousins, and it seemed for a while now that Reigns had “won” the power struggle. Things got that much more intriguing when Sami Zayn entered the mix in May 2022 and then eventually left the group.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Only time will tell.