Big News On Liv Morgan's Return
source: @rockett420, twitter, screenshot

If you were surprised at what you saw on SmackDown, then we’ve got a bit of big news on Liv Morgan’s return.

In fairness, the biggest of the big news is that yes, Liv Morgan has returned.

The former tag champion showed up to step up to the current tag champions, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey.

Baszler and Rousey had just defeated Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, unifying the WWE and NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships.

During the match, one half of the former champions, Raquel Rodriguez, took in the competition from ringside.

As she left following the conclusion, the victors called her out.

Big News On Liv Morgan's Return
source: @rockett420, twitter, screenshot

Asked why she was even there, she explained her motivation, stating that she wanted a shot at the titles that “we never lost”.

Which brings us to this:

Big News On Liv Morgan’s Return

Now, remember back to when the injury news broke?

Morgan and Dakota Kai were both said to have suffered significant injuries.

Both women were expected to miss substantial chunks of the rest of the year.

For her part, Dakota Kai had been confirmed to suffer a torn ACL. She’s had surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Liv Morgan was said to have sustained a significant shoulder injury, one that could require surgery as well.

Big News On Liv Morgan's Return
source: @MarkellSb, twitter, screenshot

Then, things kind of got quiet.

According to Fightful, upon Morgan’s surprise return, the Superstar caught a lucky break.

As it turned out, the shoulder injury was not nearly as bad as initially feared.

WWE officials once expected her to miss most of the summer, up to and possibly including SummerSlam.

Now, she’s back and challenging for the tag titles at Saturday’s Money In The Bank.

Considering she could have missed a couple more months than she did, missing just about six weeks was a pretty nice end result.