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Kenny Omega Dodged A Big Injury
June 8, 2023
As scripted as it may be, wrestlers can still get hurt, and it seems Kenny Omega dodged a big injury recently.
Huge Debut For 2 RAW Superstars
June 7, 2023
If you watched the June 5th RAW, you would have see a huge debut for 2 RAW Superstars.
WWE Superstar Recovering From Spine Surgery
June 7, 2023
Injuries are an unfortunate part of wrestling, and one WWE Superstar recovering from spine surgery is at least some good news mid-week.
Will AEW Talent Avoid CM Punk?
June 7, 2023
His return was a long time coming, and not without controversy…but will AEW talent avoid CM Punk?
Is Michael Cole The Best
June 6, 2023
Every generation of fan has this trap of comparing current talent to historical figures…so let’s do it…is Michael Cole the best since Jim Ross?
Rare Big Title Defense
June 5, 2023
It’s an exciting RAW In A Nutshell, as we get a rare big title defense this Monday.
Rhodes And Lesnar Won't Use A Rare Gimmick
June 5, 2023
Fans expect these two top Superstars to do battle again, but Rhodes and Lesnar won’t use a rare gimmick match for their next clash.
Lacey Evans Has A Savage Spat
June 5, 2023
If somehow you missed it, we can tell you about how Lacey Evans has a savage spat with Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter…and Slaughter’s daughter on Twitter.
ROH Gets 2 New Authority Figures
June 5, 2023
It may be a bit of a spoiler, but ROH gets 2 new authority figures. I say spoilers ahead, because,
Could Tag Champs Break Up Soon?
June 4, 2023
It seems almost crazy to ask, but could tag champs break up soon?