Goldberg Wants Final Match, Unlikely To Happen In ‘Cheesy’ AEW

We have long heard that former WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg wants a final match, but after recent comments, it's unlikely for cheesy AEW.

Goldberg Final Match AEW
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We have long heard that former WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg wants a final match, but after recent comments, it’s unlikely for cheesy AEW.

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Goldberg was one of several WWE Superstars who retired, entered the WWE Hall of Fame and then enjoyed a bit of a rebirth. For one reason or another, WWE fans were able to enjoy post-retirement programs from Edge, Kurt Angle and Goldberg, among others. While Goldberg has wrestle his last match in WWE-for now-he still wants that send-off.

At one point, it seemed possible that Goldberg would get his wish, following a similar model as with Ric Flair. When those plans fizzled, many wondered if the WWE Hall of Famer would become All Elite. Tony Khan has been asked about Goldberg in the past and spoke highly of him. The two do have some form of relationship, so there was definitely a chance.

Not so fast

Goldberg Final Match AEW

Until now. Now, based on recent comments from Goldberg himself, it would seem we won’t soon see the spear-jackhammer combo in AEW. Possibly not ever. Granted, in pro wrestling, never say never. But Goldberg did a 93.7 radio interview recently and minced no words-he called the AEW product cheesy. He followed up on that to say that he would have a hard time looking at himself in the mirror if he were to join the company. That is sort of funny considering there were reports about him wanting in on Sting’s retirement match.

That is not an iron-clad “no”, but it leaves him very little wiggle room. I am sure if no one else offers him that final match, but Tony Khan does, that perhaps Bill changes his tune. But for now, while Goldberg wants that final match, it is unlikely to happen in AEW-if at all. And with Vince McMahon not in the picture for WWE anymore, it seems less likely that Goldberg would get another run with WWE during the Paul Levesque era. But stranger things have happened.

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