Does Tony Khan Crave Goldberg?
source: @jjwilliamswon, twitter, screenshot

Now that he’s sitting on the free agent market…does Tony Khan crave Goldberg?

The WWE Hall of Famer has been a free agent most of 2023, and yet has not signed anywhere.

To be fair, that is not all that shocking, given his limited usefulness. However, while he might be long in the tooth, he remains a draw.

Once it was crystal clear that he was free to go anywhere…and still wanted to wrestle a proper retirement match…we had to ask…

Does Tony Khan Crave Goldberg?

Does Tony Khan Crave Goldberg?
source: @jjwilliamswon, twitter, screenshot

There have been a few rumors about Goldberg this year.

One strong one suggested that he’d go the route that Ric Flair did.

That is, a self-promoted indy show for the express purpose of giving big Bill the farewell retirement match that he so desires, but did not get in WWE.

We’ve seen a decent amount of chatter about that, and word is that things have been discussed.

But nothing has been locked in thus far.

And, at the same time, there have been other whispers.

Could Tony Khan bring the WWE Hall of Famer into AEW?

Such a signing would not be Khan’s first foray into the WWE Hall of Fame, of course.

Jeff Jarret and Sting are but a few of those with such credentials within AEW. Could Goldberg be next?

Well, after Double Or Nothing, during his post-show presser, Tony Khan wouldn’t admit that he craved Goldberg.

But he did admit that the two have talked.

Now, as Khan reminded folks, Goldberg has roots in Jacksonville-family ties in the area.

Does Tony Khan Crave Goldberg?
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

So does Khan, given it’s where his father’s football team plays. So the two have had a relationship going back years.

To that end, as he put it, him talking to Goldberg is not unusual. And, maybe Tony’s been listening to some new hires, because he wouldn’t share what the two discussed.

But…could TK seek to give Goldberg what Vince McMahon did not?