Jimmy Uso Removed from WWE Draft Due To Injury

With the rosters about to shake up, Jimmy Uso has been removed from the WWE draft due to injury.

Jimmy Uso WWE Draft Injury
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With the rosters about to shake up, Jimmy Uso has been removed from the WWE draft due to injury.

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WWE recently revealed the pools for both SmackDown on April 26th and RAW on April 29th. We already know that the current champions (other than the women’s tag team) are staying put. The draft pool saw the numbers reduced by one, however. According to Fightful, Jimmy Uso has been removed from the WWE Draft pool, both nights, due to injury.

Now, what I have to ask out loud is, is Uso truly injured (possible) or is this mostly storyline driven. After all, the last time we DID see Jimmy Uso, he was given a beatdown from his baby brother and newly arrived Tama Tonga. With the beating, he was bounced from the Bloodline. And I have to say, if this is a legitimate injury, it is not known if it happened before or during the beating. If it is not? Well, they did it well. Per the report, Uso will be out of the Draft and, whenever healed, treated as a free agent.

What next?

Jimmy Uso WWE Draft Injury

That, to me, seems like a storyline move as much as anything. One way or the other, Uso is now written off of WWE television. Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga (and expected additions) will run the Bloodline for the foreseeable future. And if everything goes as it is shaping up? We could be heading into a summer season featuring a Bloodline Civil War.

Personally I try not to believe in coincidences. But, legit or not, the timing works, and as long as it isn’t a severe injury with a really long timeframe away, it sets him up for a really big year ahead, for him and for the Bloodline.

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