Update On Tama Tonga And Other Possible Bloodline Reinforcements

Now that we've seen one arrival, we have an update on Tama Tonga, and other possible Bloodline reinforcements on the way.

tama tonga bloodline
Credit: WWE

Now that we’ve seen one arrival, we have an update on Tama Tonga, and other possible Bloodline reinforcements on the way.

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As WWE’s Bloodline story line grew and grew, everyone was taking note. Roman Reigns and family were the dominant story in most all of professional wrestling for the past several years. One of the longest title reigns in history, a plethora of main events, and so on. All the while, unlike past factions, the Bloodline never really grew all that much. You had Reigns and his cousins the Usos. They were joined by their brother Solo Sikoa, and for a stretch the Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn. Jimmy and Jay have had some ins and outs. Jey exited completely in 2023, and as of Friday, Jimmy is out too.

Not by choice, of course

tama tonga bloodline
Credit: WWE

Jimmy, of course, was taken out by the newest member of the Bloodline, Tama Tonga. But Tama Tonga may be the first of several Bloodline reinforcements heading our way. Jacob Fatu has already confirmed he was a WWE signee. He was spotted backstage at WrestleMania 40, and it seems likely that we would see him join Solo and Tama Tonga soon. Just because Roman and The Rock are taking time off doesn’t mean that the Bloodline is.

But there could be more. WWE has long also been interested in Tonga Loa and Hikuelo. According to Fightful, that interest remains. While the report indicated that signing Tonga and Fatu was effectively a foregone conclusion, the others are unknown. Every one of these possible reinforcements has been working overseas, and it is believed that Hikuleo may remain under contract until at least June. Assuming he wants to be a part of the next phase of the Bloodline saga, it seems like we have to wait until summer.

Still, Jimmy is out, Tonga is in, and one more remains, awaiting his own reveal. Just when fans thought that perhaps the story was over? It may only really just be getting started.

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