WWE Monday Night RAW Results: New Women’s World Champion Crowned-(April 22, 2024)

This Nutshell features WWE RAW results from April 22, 2024 (Season 32, Episode 28) edition, where a new Women's World Champion was crowned.

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This Nutshell features WWE RAW results from April 22, 2024 (Season 32, Episode 28) edition, where a new Women’s World Champion was crowned.

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Quick Results:

  • Awesome Truth defeats #DIY to retain the World Tag Team Championships. Miz and R-Truth delivered the Truth Crushing Finale to hold onto their gold for another week.
  • New Day defeated Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Following the match, GUNTHER stormed off in disgust. We then witnessed Kaiser snap and decimate his now former tag partner, leaving Vinci in a heap.
  • Sheamus defeats Shinsuke Nakamura.
  • Andrade and Richochet defeat Santos Escobar and JD McDonagh. Following the match, we have a bit of Judgement Day tension. Priest expresses more anger at JD, telling him and Dom that they need him, he doesn’t need them. Priest also delivers South of Heaven to Andrade, perhaps planting seeds for a future challenger?
  • Becky Lynch outlasts the field and a new world champion crowned. She got gold by eliminating Liv Morgan and Nia Jax last to become your new Women’s World Champion.

Best Match of the night:

From a pure wrestling match perspective, I am going with the World Tag Title match. Strong showing, but DIY just didn’t have it. But, could the loss set them up for something else?

The women’s battle royal was a train wreck, as they are supposed to be. I would have liked a new face in the final three or four, as I think Morgan, Lynch and Nia was a touch predictable. Still, Chelsea got to do Chelsea things and it was fun. The one knock? During that final exchange, only Liv was ever at risk, but Cole sold it as though if Becky had gone to the floor, she’d lose. Becky went between the middle and top rope, so no risk there.

Worst match of the night:

Nothing to complain about really. I mean, maybe if you don’t like our new Women’s World Champion?

Star of the Night

Gable for the heel turn was a big star for our WWE RAW results.

And, a new Women’ World Champion was indeed crowned. Becky Lynch for the big title win. I think WWE went safe there, nothing wrong with that, but they could have used the chance to elevate someone new, or someone different (Liv Morgan, Shayna Baszler).

Spot of the Night:

That was an interesting sequence for JD, Andrade, Ricochet and Santos. JD gets shoved off the rope, does what he needs to and flops into position. Santos then hit a less than clean Hurricanrana from the top rope, but Ricochet landed on JD in the process. Crazy sequence led to Andrade hitting his finisher and winning the match.

Jobber of the Night:

I could go with JD, since he seemed to take the brunt of abuse from Judgement Day. Or, Maxxine, Otis and Tozawa, who got roasted by Gable.

Upset of the Night:

Seems like one Damian Priest is upset with what’s going down within Judgement Day. Mami is gone for like, a week, and everything has started to fall apart.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Are we watching Ciampa (and perhaps Johnny Gargano?) start to turn? After a really nice match, Gargano shook hands with Miz, but Ciampa refused.

On top of that, we have some tension in Judgement Day. JD interfered as Priest and Jey were chatting, which was sloppy and led to Uso kicking Priest. In the back, the champ was mad at JD, and then at Dom for bringing Santos back into the mix without consulting him.

New Women's World Champion Crowned
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Kaiser just put Vinci out of Imperium. I swear GUNTHER said, constantly, that the group would neither add nor subtract people. It just did, and he was in on it, at least for the storyline. Honestly, I half expected GUNTHER to deck them both during his promo.

Throwing this out there: could the now excommunicated Vinci call in an unlikely favor and team with Ilja Dragunov against his former IMPERIUM mates? I mean, I don’t hate the idea.

Botch of the night:

The last minute or so of the tag title match was unexpectedly sloppy. From the ref stalling to ensure it wasn’t a 3 count, to Miz struggling to get Ciampa to clear the barrier on that back body drop, it was not as crisp as I expect from them.

LOL Moment of the night:

I’m sorry, but between the cow vest and that weak mustache, I have to go with Dom here.

New Women's World Champion Crowned
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Noteworthy Moment:

In case you missed it, Dom Mysterio is out of action with an injury. Santos Escobar filled in for him in tag action tonight. Mysterio did appear, but like his Mami, Dom has an upper body injury that will have him miss at least some time.

GUNTHER became the first Superstar to declare for the King of the Ring tournament. I like his odds. I also loved his promo. He knows he has bigger things ahead, and everything he said about putting the IC title on a pedestal is true. He deserved even more applause than he got, if I am being honest.

Overall lowlights:

I am going to ask a hard question. Can you picture Giovanni Vinci doing anything worthwhile outside of IMPERIUM? I can’t, so I am curious what happens to him now. Like, he feels like Marty, not that Kaiser is Shawn, but he has more upside.

How, in this better era of WWE TV, do we have Nia Jax drop Becky through the announce table. Of our TV main event for RAW. For the Women’s World Title. Happen on a commercial break?

Overall highlights:

I loved the heel promo by Gable as art of WWE RAW results post. Honestly, I feel like if WWE plays this right, Gable becomes a monster mid-to-upper card heel, and eventually Otis becomes a significant face to deal with. Could Otis even reach heights higher than when he was the most unlikely briefcase holder? I mean, if WWE brings back Mandy, could you imagine?!

WWE RAW Results
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After the final bell:

Solid show from the RAW brand. I know some wanted a different new world champion crowned, but Lynch is if nothing else, safe as the new champion. She can carry the gold and just as easily drop it at Backlash. A lot otherwise happening on this show, between something teased with Ciampa, and IMPERIUM collapse, tension within Judgement Day and an excellent new Uncle Howdy teaser. The draft is next, and should be, quite simply, superb. So, our WWE RAW results was mostly positive, but what your thoughts?

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