Chelsea Green Kicked Out Of New York’s Plaza Hotel For Dressing Like Escort

Chelsea Green was removed from the Fairmont Hotel because the staff believed she was an escort based on her outfit.

Chelsea Green Fairmont Hotel Escort
Credit: WWE

Chelsea Green was removed from the Fairmont Hotel because the staff believed she was an escort based on her outfit.

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Chelsea Green loves to flaunt her body on social media. It might be one of the reasons she has an abundance of followers across platforms. Her lasted outfit did not go over well in public. Even though she was wearing an appropriate amount of clothing (basically, anything not pool or beach related) and yet, there was still an issue. Green was at the Fairmont Hotel, but was removed because they thought she was an escort.

After being booted, Green went to Twitter and uploaded a message with her outfit. First, what she had on looked absolutely appropriate. Also, her text showed she took everything in a positive way. Although, she will likely not be using that hotel again. The tweet read,

“Man… one night you’re wrestling at Barclays Center, having the time of your life and the next you’re being kicked out of @FairmontHotels and accused of being an escort because of your outfit. Life is funny! Maybe next year I won’t celebrate WrestleMania weekend at The Plaza Hotel LOL…” she wrote.

Chelsea Green’s Popularly Continues To Rise

Chelsea Green Fairmont Hotel Escort

While never in singles title picture, Green is doing great in her second stint with WWE. The first one was short as she was injured in her debut and then released with many others. This time, she is embracing the Karen gimmick and the fans dig it. She teamed with Sonya Deville and Piper Niven, becoming the Women’s Tag Team Champion. The was blah, but Green was also fun to watch backstage or in the ring.

Personally, Green handled everything very well. She did not cause a scene, posted her outfit for fans to decide and did not bury the hotel chain either. Overall, she went above and beyond in a crappy situation. So, did Chelsea Green handle being asked to leave the Fairmont Hotel for dressing like an escort (according to their staff) the right way?

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