Chelsea Green Hospitalized, Drew McIntyre Unhappy?

Chelsea Green hospitalized not long after WrestleMania 39. And, Drew McIntyre might be unhappy with WWE and sign elsewhere.

Chelsea Green Hospitalized
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Chelsea Green hospitalized and it is not part of her gimmick. And, Drew McIntyre might be unhappy with WWE and sign elsewhere.

Chelsea Green Hospitalized

For Chelsea Green, her pro wrestling career has been mixed when it pertains to WWE. Her first run was lackluster and most probably do not recall it.

Basically, Green had one match on the main roster and was injured within minutes. While healing, she was released by WWE alongside her now husband, Matt Cardona (known by some as Zack Ryder).

She stayed busy outside of WWE and rejoined Impact Wrestling. She continued to impress and WWE brought her back.

In almost comical fashion, Green returned during the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She lasted about five seconds, which is a record in the women’s division.

Her short stint allowed her to begin a new character. Seemingly, she turned into what many now call a “Karen.”

Frequently, Green is portrayed has complaining just about anything. And, fans are digging the gimmick.

But, we then heard some unfortunate news. Chelsea Green was hospitalized only days ago for what she called a severe stomach bug & a distended gall bladder.”

To keep her gimmick going on social media, she concluded, “(Thank god the manager of the ER took care of me. Will NOT be filing any complaints this weekend.)

Despite Chelsea Green being hospitalized, she seems upbeat. Plus, you have to give her credit for staying partially in kayfabe.

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Chelsea Green Hospitalized After Huge Night

WrestleMania 39 did not go as planned for Green. She teamed with Sonya Deville, but failed in a fatal four way match.

The victory went to Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler in one of the lackluster matches over the weekend. Still, Green was featured at WrestleMania; which is a feat not everyone can say they accomplished.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea Green hospitalized during such an important moment in her career?

Drew McIntyre Unhappy?

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There seems to be uncertainty about one particular WWE superstar. Drew McIntyre might be unhappy with his current WWE status and might not re-sign.

It involves multiple reasons such as pay and position in the company. Wade Keller for PWTorch went into further details about the situation, which could see McIntyre leave when his current deal expires.

“There’s been talk that he is unhappy with his current situation in WWE,” said Keller. “I’m hearing it’s kind of a mix of creative and money and what kind of offer he’s getting for a renewal.”

“It sounds like WWE is taking seriously the possibility that he is going to let his deal run out. Rather, than agree to something that he believes is less than he deserves or less than he what he thinks he has coming.”

During the height of the pandemic, WWE really pushed McIntyre. He was featured in the main event of WrestleMania 36, defeating Brock Lesnar.

It was followed by a decent run for McIntyre, but unfortunately there were no live fans present. Therefore, he kind of missed out on his WrestleMania moment.

The pandemic was a tough time for everyone and WWE needed someone to shine. 

Once fans returned, McIntyre still got a few chances at the WWE Championship. Although, he never got that moment in front of a live crowd.

Lately, McIntyre has been working alongside Sheamus and GUNTHER. Night two of WrestleMania 39 saw GUNTHER defend his International Championship against both superstars.

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It was a hard-hitting contest and for some one of the best matches produced all weekend. Also, it should be noted following the battle that McIntyre was pulled last-minute from Friday’s SmackDown.

Do our readers think Drew McIntyre being unhappy will see him leave WWE?

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