Push For GUNTHER As World Champ, Ryback Needs Elon Musk

Push GUNTHER World Champ
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There is a big push behind the scenes of WWE to make GUNTHER world champ this year. Also, Ryback reaches out to Elon Musk for help.

Push For GUNTHER As World Champ

When GUNTHER signed with WWE, he never planned on being a regular each week. In fact, during that time, GUNTHER only worried about NXT UK.

Of course, a lot has changed over the past few years. GUNTHER would not debut right away for the NXT UK brand.

Although once he did, the brand was never the same. He held the NXT United Kingdom Championship for a record 870 days over the course of a single reign.

Since the title was later vacated, nobody will top that impressive feat. 

With NXT UK eventually folding, GUNTHER was transferred to NXT. He did not last long, as he and Imperium jumped to SmackDown.

Since then, he won the Intercontinental Championship and that was 260 days ago. He will likely defend the title at WrestleMania 39 against Sheamus and/or Drew McIntyre.

Triple H A Fuge Fan Of GUNTHER

According to WrestleVotes via GiveMeSport, Triple H is a huge fan of GUNTHER.

Triple H loves him, “according to WrestleVotes. “They all love him ever since he came into his own at Clash at the Castle.” 

“I’m not just talking about Triple H. Road Dogg is big on him, Jason Jordan really likes him.” 

“Once WWE gets two world titles, you double the amount of people in the main event. GUNTHER is ready to step up.” 

“I expect by the summer to see him at the top of the card. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins a world title. He might be next in line.”

GUNTHER and Sheamus stole the show at Clash at the Castle. Plus, GUNTHER gained more points by getting into better shape and relocating to the United States.

His impressive run on the main roster saw him make history during the Men’s Royal Rumble Match in January. He lasted over 71-minutes for the longest time in the history of the event, excluding the 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble.

Based on storylines, GUNTHER does some ready for the next chapter in his career. 

Ryback Needs Elon Musk

Push GUNTHER World Champ

Source: @WeLDeanAmbrose, Twitter, Screenshot

After being packaged into Ryback, he got a huge push several times. Ryback’s time was met with frustration and eventually they let him go after a new deal couldn’t be put tougher.

He barely wrestled a few matches before his in-ring appearances stopped. While not busy in the ring, Ryback has remained vocal on Twitter. 

Frequently, he bashed WWE anyway possible and got into a heated dispute over the trademark of his WWE name. Basically, he claims his Twitter account has been unfairly attacked. 

Therefore, he reached out to Twitter’s own Elson Musk to help him obtain better access to his account.

So far, Musk has not replied as he is likely vey busy. Still, Musk is known for some outlandish moves, so he might help Ryback.

For now, Ryback continues to fume. The problem, is many pro wrestling fans have little interest in him.

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