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The Iron Sheik Is Dead
June 7, 2023
Sad news to report as The Iron Sheik is dead. The WWE Hall Famer was 81 years old and one of the top heels in all of pro wrestling.
WWE Dropped A Hypnosis Angle
June 5, 2023
WWE dropped a hypnosis angle because they wanted Santino Marella to lose the comical gimmick he perfected so well for years.
Nia Jax Interested In A Return
June 4, 2023
Is Nia Jax interested in a return after an intriguing was video was posted online by a former WWE wrestler, who also recently worked in a backstage role?
AJ Styles Rumor
June 4, 2023
There is an AJ Styles rumor about getting a new gimmick, which might not be the best idea as fans seem happy with his current one.
Jade Cargill Break Is Expected
June 4, 2023
A Jade Cargill break is expected after her impressive 60-0 undefeated streak was broken and she might return with a
Undertaker had the urge
June 4, 2023
Undertaker had the urge to wrestle at WrestleMania 39 after watching from the comfort of his suite with friends and family, so should he return inside a WWE ring?
GUNTHER Is Excited For A Possible Brock
June 3, 2023
GUNTHER is excited for a possible Brock Lesnar match after their brief encounter earlier in the year and he would love for it to take place in England.
Carlito Return Update
June 2, 2023
After a surprise appearance at Backlash fans want to see more of Carlito. And, the latest Carlito return update might be what WWE fans have been waiting for.
Spoiler On LA Knight
June 2, 2023
With Money in the Bank starting to come together this week, there is a spoiler on LA Knight and his role at the popular show.
Nigel McGuinness
June 2, 2023
There was some hope Nigel McGuinness would come out retirement for AEW’s All In at Wembley Stadium, but he doesn’t think he could survive a match.