sami zayn top superstar
source: @dodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

His best friend called him the MVP of WWE, but is Sami Zayn seen as a top Superstar by executives? And, straight from her own mouth, Ronda Rousey has issues with how some recent programs have gone for her.

Is Sami Zayn A Top Superstar

If you’ve watched WWE in the last year, this would seem like an easy answer. But, is Sami Zayn a top Superstar?

Specifically, is Sami Zayn seen as a top Superstar by major decision makers within WWE?

There have been a number of rumors in recent weeks and months, and as rumors go, naturally they tend to contradict one another.

At one time, not long ago, you could find a report that in spite of his amazing popularity, some WWE officials did not see Zayn as a top guy.

Then, if you poke around, you’d find other reports indicating that top brass did see Zayn as a top Superstar. So much so that there was reportedly discussions about having Zayn defeat Reigns at Elimination Chamber.

Could you imagine THAT pop?

sami zayn top superstar

source: @dodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Honestly, as hot as Zayn was and is, I am somewhat surprised that we didn’t see it happen. Or, that we didn’t get some sort of cliffhanger, leading to Reigns defending again against Sami, as well as Cody Rhodes, this weekend.

Fightful has put out a report that settles things a bit. WWE officials are said to be exceedingly happy with how Zayn has performed and been received in the last year.

Even though Zayn lost to Reigns, it did not cost him any momentum.  WWE officials still view Zayn as a viable top Superstar.

Depending on how things break this weekend, perhaps we will see Sami Zayn get a shot at a world championship one more time in 2023.

Ronda Rousey Has Issues

She’s not as big a fixture in this year’s biggest show, and listening to her talk, you understand that Ronda Rousey has issues.

Now, specifically, Rousey herself, via social media states that she has issues with how certain recent programs were executed.

More to the point, Rousey unloaded about last year’s feud she had with Liv Morgan. The same feud that involved Morgan winning the title and barely holding on to it.

The former UFC and WWE champion unloaded a little bit, specifically calling out “octagenarians” who are mis-managing the women’s division.

Outside of her Insta post, it’s not the first time Rousey has been vocal about the mistreatment of the women’s roster.

sami zayn top superstar

source@Jxmes_ctrl, twitter, screenshot

It’s hard to argue against her.

As much as we can point to women more frequently in main events of RAW and SmackDown, because that used to never happen, we can still point to just a few women’s matches and all way too short.

While the octagenarian comment surely was meant for Vince McMahon…Triple H is allegedly still running the show. Hunter did good things with the women in NXT…but it’s been a mixed bag so far under his stewardship.