Does Mandy Rose Want A Return To Wrestling

She was on top of NXT and then she was released...does Mandy Rose want a return to wrestling?

Mandy Rose Return To Wrestling
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She was on top of NXT and then she was released…does Mandy Rose want a return to wrestling?

After all, she was the NXT Champion, enjoying a lengthy reign carrying the NXT women’s division and doing great things.

But she was also doing quite the side hustle running a website sharing risque content for cash…and she was doing quite well.

But WWE had given her ultimatum-quit the side gig or lose your NXT job.

She did not quit her risque business, and she was fired.

Of course, the notoriety of that did not hurt her. Losing her NXT title and her job with WWE because of her content? It only drew more attention to her site, and actually led to her switching over to OnlyFans.

Since she stopped wrestling, she has cleaned up on the adult-oriented site, with some fans dumping insane amounts of cash into it just for some glimpses of Mandy.

So she has no desire to get back in the ring, right? I mean, she certainly does not need it.

Does Mandy Rose Want A Return To Wrestling

She recently made an appearance on the “For The Love Of Wrestling” podcast and one question that naturally came up was: does she want to return to the ring?

Mandy Rose Return To Wrestling
Source: WWECredit: WWE

Her response was not shocking, to be fair.

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Per Rose, she has not retired. She is not yet done in the ring.

But, on the other hand, Mandy Rose is in no rush and can afford to pick and choose her opportunities.

Rose is comfortable and enjoying her freedom. Doing shoots for her main income, she gets to set her schedule and do what she wants when she wants.

Given what she does and what it affords her, she is open to a return to the ring. But she was clear, it has to be the right time and situation.

She did not rule out a return to WWE, and if she really just wants a one-off every so often, a Royal Rumble-type surprise seems perfect for her. Or, if she wants to work, but sparingly? Perhaps a contract with Tony Khan and AEW is in her future.

Either way, it surely sounds like we have yet to see Mandy Rose’s final match, because when she does close things out…she wants to do it on her own terms.

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