10 ECW Superstars Who Belong In WWE Hall Of Fame

ECW Superstars In WWE Hall Of Fame
Credit: WWE

With WrestleMania approaching, and it being in Philadelphia, we are going to take a look at 10 ECW Superstars who belong in the WWE Hall of Fame.

But, barring something stunning, I am not expecting them to be inducted in 2024. After all, with WrestleMania 40 in the Land of Extreme, we have the presumed headliner as Paul Heyman.

While Heyman was not the founder of ECW (That was Tod Gordon) it was Heyman who turned it from Eastern Championship Wrestling to Extreme Championship Wrestling. And in doing so, Heyman really and truly put the promotion on the map. What that bunch of fresh talent and reclamation projects did was change pro wrestling, so Heyman’s induction is well deserved.

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But thus far, he is going in solo from an ECW perspective. If we were getting another ECW Superstar to go in…here are…

The Sandman

This choice would be absolutely perfect for a few reasons, and I promise I am not too biased. For starters, he’s local. Philly area guy, hardcore icon?


He may make Cena’s five moves of doom look like technical wrestling perfection…but this one isn’t about that. Sandman did a lot with not much, including holding ECW’s top belt and having some insanely good feuds. And no, me wanting to see him go in has nothing to do with meeting him and playing pool against him at Barnaby’s on Baltimore Pike a couple decades ago.


You really can’t have Sandman without Raven or our next man. Once Johnny Polo, this man was one of many WWF cast-offs, whom Heyman was able to resurrect to great success. Raven was a fixture in the main event scene for ECW before he jumped to WCW and got his money…but when he was there, he was on another level.

Tommy Dreamer

Completing the obvious trio of ECW legends would be Tommy Dreamer.

ECW Superstars In WWE Hall Of Fame
source: WWE

I am not sure if he’s delayed in the honor because he’s still pretty active elsewhere, or if because Dreamer was notorious for using some helpful stuff to get big for a time.I doubt it’s the enhancement stuff, but who knows. Regardless, Dreamer was one of the first ECW talents around, working his way up from a joke to a beloved hardcore legend. Like seriously, he was willing to take crazy abuse just to win over the ECW Arena fans. I know, I was there, the lengths to which he went? Insane.

Shane Douglas

Gordon was the owner, Heyman was the booker…but Shane Douglas was the one who lit the match. Eastern Championship Wrestling became it’s own Extreme animal the night the line was crossed. Specifically, after winning an NWA World Championship tournament in the ECW Arena, the Franchise (not Dean Douglas) threw the belt down, trashing it and NWA head man Dennis Coralluzzo. You could argue it was a kill shot that the NWA never truly recovered from, but more important, it was THE moment where Extreme Championship Wrestling took off. I mean, Shane had a largely memorable career in ECW. Forget his stints with WWE.

source: WWE


If there was one thing ECW lacked, it was female wrestling. Back then (damn I just made myself feel really old), women’s wrestling stateside was not so much about athletic talent. As such, ECW had valets. I could have suggested a couple, but considering that Francine is the Queen of Extreme, as well as The Franchise’s trusted valet? I would say she was worth some consideration.

Stevie Richards

We already wanted to put Raven in…and Richards was, for a while, Raven’s flunkie and sidekick. But here’s the funny thing. I’d actually argue that Stevie Richards had the more impressive career. He should have gone over and won the ECW title, but did come close. After getting away from Raven, he enjoyed success as the leader of the Blue World Order, and even had some WWE main roster success in Right To Censor.


The Human Suplex machine, FTW Champion…so much to say. One of my favorites from the first time I watched him in the ECW Arena, he enjoyed success in ECW and to a lesser extent in WWE. And, he’s been a very good announcer. He won’t get in now, however, until or unless he leaves his AEW seat.


Not the first time we are seeing an ECW pair. Taz and Sabu were long linked together in ECW, and gave us quite a few memorable moments.To his own detriment, I am not sure that there wasn’t an insane spot he wouldn’t consider or attempt. Is that enough to get him in the Hall of Fame? Probably not, but he’d get my consideration. But, as with Taz, his recent AEW involvement surely would prevent any consideration (but I doubt he’s under any consideration at the moment).

ECW Superstars In WWE Hall Of Fame
source: WWE

Mikey Whipwreck

I mean…the ultimate underdog? This kid beat Stone Cold Steve Austin before he knew he was Stone Cold. The most unlikely world champion ever, he was just a feel good story.

Chris Jericho

Last but not least, why not Jericho? In fairness, I wanted Benoit, but there is no way on Earth that demon will ever go in. But I did get to watch this man enjoy his time in ECW, wrestling in Community Rec Centers (shout out to Glenolden!) as well as the ECW Arena. Imagine watching the future first even Undisputed WWE Champion wrestle in what was basically a high school gym, just a few feet from you.

That was one experience I had, and it was one thing that made ECW so awesome. Jericho was pretty good in ECW, but he was in and out and obviously went on to much bigger and better things, having stops in WCW, WWE and now, AEW. That last stop? Surely that will delay his eventual WWE Hall of Fame nod.

source: WWE

Will any of these people go in? Maybe. If any year was THE year to do it, 2024 would be it. Unless of course, this year is well received and WWE brings another WrestleMania back to the City of Brotherly Love. But considering I was in college when I attended the first ‘Mania in Philly (from the very last row in the then-First Union Center)…

Hopefully Philly gets one again sooner than 25 years. Otherwise this will be a chance missed, and my 10 ECW Superstars whom I think belong in the WWE Hall of Fame may never know the honor.

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