Paul Heyman – CM Punk Heat, William Regal’s AEW Contract

Paul Heyman CM Punk
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Paul Heyman is familiar with heat, so CM Punk adding more problems is not a surprise. Also, a major update on William Regal’s AEW contract.

Paul Heyman – CM Punk Heat

CM Punk is undoubtably one of the most popular wrestlers of his generation. At the same time, he is known to cause problems backstage. 

He is best known for his time in ROH, WWE and now AEW. From what we know, he has major backstage issues  in WWE and AEW.

Punk has always been vocal and that included his time in WWE. He got a chance to vent his frustration at the product during his infamous pipe bomb speech.

During the 2014 Royal Rumble, Punk had enough. He was working injured and tired, so he abruptly left and never returned.

Following Punk’s refusal to return to work for WWE, the promotion headed to Chicago for RAW. The crowd there, like always, was very vocal for Punk.

WWE knew the fans would hijack the show, so they had Punk’s former manager, Paul Heyman, address the crowd.

While speaking with Inside The Ropes, Heyman went over Punk walking out of WWE and the heat he received. Basically, it was a tense atmosphere that day in WWE.

“We had a situation in Chicago, where Punk had walked out, we were heading into WrestleMania,” said Heyman. “And the audience in Chicago is going to hijack the show, and they’re going to chant CM Punk for three-hours.”

“Everybody had to settle with it. The audience is going to take over the show and there’s not a goddamn thing we can do about it.”

Curernt Status of Paul Heyman and CM Punk

Basically, Heyman was correct about the crowd as they started chanting for Punk before WWE went live. Heyman did his best with the promo to avoid the entire three hours being hijacked.

Punk never returned to WWE and avoided wrestling until he signed with AEW. At first, everything seemed great as Punk was happy and AEW was gaining more momentum.

Then, Punk and The Elite got into a brawl after All Out. The Elite just returned, Punk’s friend Ace Steel was fired and Punk is out with an injury.

There was talk AEW was trying to buyout Punk’s contract. No word if that is still happening, but AEW has time because Punk’s injury takes eight months to heal.

William Regal’s AEW Contract

Paul Heyman CM Punk

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William Regal joined AEW during the Revolution pay per view on March 6, 2022. Lately, there has been talk if he will leave in March.

Dave Meltzer previously reported on Wrestling Observer Radio how Regal signed a short extension. Although, that is wrong and Meltzer now claims he signed a deal last spring for three years.

Therefore, any rumors of Regal returning to WWE are not true. Triple H is heavily involved in WWE and would probably love Regal back.

Instead, Regal is a key figure on AEW TV. He was the manager of the Blackpool Combat Club, until he turned on Jon Moxley at Full Gear.

Now, Regal has aligned with new AEW World Champion, MJF. On Dynamite this week, we will hear from the champion and probably Regal too about their recent actions. 

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