Despite TNA Appearance, Matt Hardy Remains A Free Agent

A point of clarity following Saturday-despite his TNA appearance, Matt Hardy remains a free agent.

Matt Hardy Free Agent
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A point of clarity following Saturday-despite his TNA appearance, Matt Hardy remains a free agent. It was recently made clear that Hardy’s time in AEW was over, and then the rumors started. There was plenty of chatter about him even returning to WWE. So much so that at one point, some fans practically expected Matt and brother Jeff to make another big WrestleMania return a few weeks back.

Of course, as we knew then and know now, that did not happen nor could it have. While Matt Hardy was almost a free agent in time for WrestleMania 40, his AEW deal was extended just past the big show. As for brother Jeff? Well, that contract had people guessing a bit, but that’s where Fightful comes to the rescue. Per a report, despite his TNA appearance, he is still a free agent. And when Jeff Hardy joined his brother in AEW, his contract was configured in such a way that his time would run out nearly at the same time as Matt’s. As such, it is expected that Matt Hardy becomes a free agent at some point in the spring. That is, of course, unless Tony Khan adds time to his contract for any reason.

What’s next?

Matt Hardy Free Agent

This is an important point of clarity for the Hardys. Yes, Matt did appear and get involved at the end of the TNA event. However, he is apparently working on a per appearance basis only for now. It is possible that Matt will eventually ink a deal with TNA. It is also just as possible that Hardy enjoys some side work while waiting for Jeff to join him in free agency.

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All the while, Matt was not avoiding poking some AEW tag teams. Which tells us that, while Matt did let his contract expire with AEW, he has not closed a door for a return. Perhaps he is simply enjoying some freedom before the brothers sign a new pair of deals at the same time? Or will WWE bring them back, promising them their deserved Hall of Fame induction as part of the deal?

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