VIDEO: Matt Hardy Brings ‘Broken Matt’ Character Back For Shocking Return At TNA: Rebellion

Credit: Impact Wrestling/TNA Wrestling

Despite recent rumblings of a possible return to WWE, wrestling legend Matt Hardy made a surprise return to another one of his former employers on Saturday night, TNA.

In March, it was reported that while Matt Hardy was in discussions with AEW about a new contract, little progress was being made. Eventually, it was revealed that talks hit a stalemate and he had officially become a free agent open to offers from the highest bidder.

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It wasn’t long before speculation began about the legendary tag team wrestler having a fourth stint with WWE and possibly joining a rumored Wyatt 6 faction. However, the debate was brought to an end on Saturday night when the 49-year-old made a surprise return to TNA at the close of their Rebellion pay-per-view event. A video of the moment can be viewed below.

What is the origin of Broken Matt Hardy?

In his shocking comeback to the company formerly known as Impact Wrestling, Hardy sent a clear message that he is aiming for the top spot when he attacked TNA World Champion Moose following a successful title defense against Nick Nemeth, AKA former multi-time WWE champion Dolph Ziggler.

What made the moment all the more exciting was the former TNA World Champion was back as his legendary “Broken Matt Hardy” character. So what is this character and when did it start?

Hardy will forever be known as one half of the iconic Hardy Boyz tag team, however, he took his singles resume to new heights when he first introduced the”Broken Matt Hardy” character during his first stint with TNA in 2016. After losing a violent match to his brother Jeff during their feud, a “career-altering injury” led to the manifestation of his deranged “Broken” character. Complete with an uncanny laugh and strange approach to promos.

The concept became wildly popular and funny as it was the source of some of TNA’s best segments at the time and put the concept of the cinematic wrestling match on the map. Hardy would go on to win the world title as the character and even his brother Jeff joined in and united with his sibling as a new “Brother Nero” character. Fans have been clamoring for the return of the character, but never got it in AEW.

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