Sami Zayn Reveals Veteran WWE Wrestler He Believes Has Massive Untapped Potential: ‘Hopefully, His Day Comes, He’s Really Talented’

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn believes there is a veteran member of the roster who is a diamond in the rough and has never really been allowed to “spread his wings and fly” in the company.

During his memorable run in promotion, Sami Zayn has helped to again break the mold of what a star in WWE can look and talk like. In previous generations, the red-headed Canadian would have been overlooked and dismissed, but his uncanny ability to tell a story in and out of the ring has made his ascendance undeniable.

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That’s why when he gives his opinion about the talent of other performers it holds some serious weight. In a recent conversation with veteran radio host and interviewer Josh Martinez, the man once known as El Generico was asked about who he believes is the most underrated performer on the roster, and his answer may surprise many long-time fans.

“I’ve been giving this answer for years and it’s kind of hard to say now because he’s not really been on television but I do believe he’s still under contract, but I’ve always thought that Bo Dallas is, really, really good, and never got his chance to spread his wings and fly,” Zayn said. “And I know that might not be the answer that most people would think of off the top of their heads, but I was in NXT with this guy years ago and I did promo classes, I traveled the road with him, and he’s really great in the ring.”

“But even as a performer and as a mind from the character [development] side of things I think there’s so much more that people have ever gotten to really see out of him. And hopefully, his day comes. I think he’s really talented.”

Sami Zayn’s comments on Bo Dallas are timely

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Dallas has had solid success on the WWE main roster during his career, but it never came close to the heights of becoming the top champion in NXT. However, he was set to make his biggest splash yet when he was rumored to be the masked man following Bray Wyatt around in 2022 and 2023. Unfortunately, Wyatt — Dallas’ real-life brother — tragically passed away last year, leaving his future in the company up in the air.

However, following the release of the Peacock documentary on Wyatt there have been hints about a potential return soon. On recent episodes of Raw and Smackdown, QR codes have popped up that are similar to when “The Eater of Worlds” made his return to the company two years ago.

Sami Zayn’s comments are timely because now fans may finally get to see the true potential of the man who once asked us all to “Bo-lieve” in his talents in WWE.

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