How Will Trick Williams Be Impacted By 2024 WWE Draft?

The big event happens in just a week's time, so how will Trick Williams be impacted by the 2024 WWE Draft?

Trick Williams 2024 WWE Draft
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The big event happens in just a week’s time, so how will Trick Williams be impacted by the 2024 WWE Draft?

It is a big question. And it’s sort of funny to ask that considering not all that long ago, Trick Williams was not much more than a sidekick to Carmelo Hayes. Except, over the past year and change, Williams has grown and developed at a tremendous clip. More important than that, he’s gotten over with the crowds, organically. He turned that budding popularity into full blown Superstardom. Now he’s battling his former buddy in one of the hottest NXT feuds in recent years.

So, with him having such appeal, how will Trick Williams be impacted by the 2024 WWE Draft? It’s a fair question, and one some have been wondering since he was so loudly cheered during his main roster debut earlier in the year.

Will Trick Be Drafted?

Trick Williams 2024 WWE Draft

According to Fightful, while many view Williams as a future top face and possible world champion, his near future remains with NXT. In spite of high expectations, it looks as though Williams will remain with the black and gold brand for a bit more, while getting a chance to be the top baby face for a bit. It’s likely that he and Hayes’ feud is over-for now. Given that Carmelo had already been on the main roster, it seems he will go to SmackDown or RAW. That leaves Trick on his own, which is not bad.

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One curve for plans with Williams? According to reports, William had been eyed for a summer feud with Dijack, but there’s one issue. Dijack’s contract status remains unclear. As of now, the understanding is that Williams’ possible summer foe is not yet under a new WWE contract. Unless or until Dijack re-signs, we will have to wait and see what plans are for Trick Williams.

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