Big Things Ahead For 1 WWE Superstar?

After a really up and down few years, are big things ahead for 1 WWE Superstar?

For 1 WWE Superstar
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After a really up and down few years, are big things ahead for 1 WWE Superstar?

This question comes on the heels of a really good showing at Night of Champions on Saturday.

And, he didn’t even win.

I can give you another bit of a hint. At one point, he was actually slated to challenge for a top title at WrestleMania…but then got injured and missed out.

If that one didn’t tip you off, here’s the last one…he was the leader of the comically bad Retribution faction.

Yep, this is all about Mustafa Ali. So…

For 1 WWE Superstar
source: Peacock, app, screenshot

Big Things Ahead For 1 WWE Superstar?

I had to tease that this was all about GUNTHER…but we already know he’s main event material.

Here’s the crazy thing about Ali. While he’s been close to the top once-allegedly-that opportunity turned into KofiMania.

While he still seems like he’s on the younger side of things…he’s actually 37. That isn’t old, but you’d maybe think he was 27?

In any case, after missing out on the title shot, and being dragged down by Retribution, it seemed like he wanted out-going so far as to ask for his release.

Now? Big things appear to be ahead for the WWE Superstar.

Word is he actually requested to head to NXT, in order to help younger talent develop.

Plenty of WWE Superstars have done cameos, or longer stints back in NXT.

However, that ask was declined, as it seems Triple H does have big plans for Ali.

For 1 WWE Superstar
source: @wrestlingunseen, twitter, screenshot

Whether that means Mustafa Ali finally claims a title, or just has some really excellent matches, remains to be seen.

That being said, he had a very good match, even in defeat, against GUNTHER.

While Ali winning would have certainly been a sign of big things ahead, a strong showing is still a step in the right direction.

Earning the title shot in the first place was actually a big vote of confidence, it would seem. Excited to see where this might go!

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