Brock Lesnar’s Summer Plans, Vince McMahon Contract Details

We know he's got Cody Rhodes in front of him, but here's a glimpse at Brock Lesnar's summer plans...maybe. Plus some interesting Vince McMahon contract details to discuss.

brock lesnar's summer plans
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We know he’s got Cody Rhodes in front of him, but here’s a glimpse at Brock Lesnar’s summer plans…maybe. Plus some interesting Vince McMahon contract details to discuss.

Brock Lesnar’s Summer Plans

Cody Rhodes has just called him out for Backlash…but what about Brock Lesnar’s summer plans?

In something somewhat surprising, he may not be penciled in to continue his young feud with The American Nightmare.

Instead, we might just see a different option…one which had been floated prior to this year’s WrestleMania.

Check out the details, courtesy of WRKD Wrestling:

So, Brock Lesnar’s summer plans could have him taking on Gunther.

I would not be disappointed, but such a match-up brings questions.

Since Gunther is working as a heel…and Lesnar just turned heel again…would be be seeing a possible turn for the Intercontinental Champion?

And, speaking of the title…would Gunther still have the belt?

It’s somewhat hard to imagine Lesnar winning the Intercontinental title…but simply having him fight for it would be another way to elevate the belt.

And, for those somehow missing it…Triple H, WWE Creative and yes, Gunther, have elevated that mid-card belt to heights it has not seen in a while.

But that is not the end of my questions!

The post notes that the big match has been discussed as part of Brock Lesnar’s summer plans…but when?

SummerSlam in Detroit would be a superb option, of course. A big summer match to help get Ford Field rocking would be fine.

brock lesnar's summer plans
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But…Money In The Bank is in the United Kingdom prior to SummerSlam.

While Gunther is not British-he’s Austrian-could WWE eye giving him a massive match in his old home turf?

And by home turf, I am of course referencing his lengthy run as NXT UK Champion.

For now, this is what we have to do-dream, debate, talk. At the moment, Lesnar’s immediate plans concern Cody Rhodes.

But it seems possible that The Beast Incarnate and the Ring General might be locking horns soon enough!

Vince McMahon Contract Details

There’s been a lot said about him lately, so here’s some Vince McMahon contract details to add to the fun.

McMahon made headlines in a bad way in 2022, thanks to a series of hush money payments and nasty allegations coming to light.

The scandal led first to his break, and ultimately to his abrupt-and short lived-retirement.

He was, effectively, pushed out for public relations…but he would not go away.

Stubborn as ever, even while ousted, he remained the majority shareholder.

And, as such, through some cold and calculated maneuvering, Vince McMahon forced his way back into the company.

At the time, he claimed it was purely to usher in a sales deal. But as soon as it happened, fans feared the worst.

brock lesnar's summer plans
source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

It took until the RAW after WrestleMania for Vince to pull a Vince. Coincidentally, this was the first RAW after news of the WWE sale broke.

Mixed into that was a report that Vince got himself a new contract.

And now we have interesting Vince McMahon contract details to discuss, thanks to the Hollywood Reporter.

Specifically, one set of clauses contained within the contract. And the clauses exist, one would think, precisely because of the scandals that have followed Vince.

That is to say, Vince McMahon’s latest WWE contract contains language that requires him to adhere to a company code of conduct, including rules for against harassment of co-workers.

Basically, don’t do everything you just did to bring bad publicity upon yourself and WWE in 2022 and previously.

One would think that, should McMahon violate those terms and conditions, it would be a rapid exit from WWE.

And, because Vince is about to finalize a sale to Endeavor…should he violate those terms post-sale…it would likely mean the end of Vince within WWE.

So, recent RAW booking aside…Vince McMahon has to be on his best behavior…or else.

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