Is Vince McMahon Retired? + Velveteen Dream’s NXT Suspension

Is Vince McMahon Retiring
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Vince McMahon suffered a tremendous scandal this past June when the hush-hush money controversy hit the mainstream media. While he stepped down as the WWE CEO in July, there seems to be some doubt that he’s completely “retired”.

Is Vince McMahon Retired?

As most fans know by now, Vincent Kennedy McMahon was investigated by the WWE board of directors earlier this year. It was revealed that he paid $3 million dollars in a settlement around a former employee.

Later, news broke that he paid even more money to numerous former female employees over the years to keep them quiet about sexual allegations. In the end, VKM retired from the company.

His daughter Stephanie is now co-CEO of the WWE along with Nick Khan. Her hubby Triple H is running things as lead for creative.

Tony Chimel was recently asked about Vinny Mac’s retirement, by Two Men Power Trip of Wrestling during their podcast. Chimel had some interesting things to note.

Is Vince McMahon Really Retired? Tony Doubts It …

As Chimel puts it, he does not see McMahon “sitting on a beach in Florida” doing “nothing”. Tony notes that he refused to believe that Vince has no input on the company.

He also states that it’d be interesting to see if VKM is still on the payroll or if he got a severance package. Chimel also asked some pretty interesting questions during the interview where he got his point across.

Questions like, isn’t Vince still the “owner” of the WWE? Does he have stock?

Does he not speak to HHH, Stephanie, Shane, or anybody about the business? These questions offer valid points as to why some may doubt VKM’s “retirement” from the WWE.

Velveteen Dream has always been a controversial figure in the wrestling world. However, he’s also been in the news a lot lately because of questionable life choices both recently and in the past.

Velveteen Dream’s NXT Suspension

While Dream had an incredible run in NXT, his downfall was scandals. First, sexual allegations were made against him in regard to grooming minors.

Is Vince McMahon Retired?

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Due to this, he was released by the WWE in 2021. With that said, Dream has been surrounded by more controversy, as of late.

In the most recent weeks, Dream has been arrested, not once, but twice. Plus, there was also a claim from EC3 that he found Dream’s phone filming in the bathroom (near a toilet) during a party he threw at his home.

Velveteen Dream’s “Quiet” NXT Suspension

Now Sean Sapp of Fightful has more scoop on Velveteen Dream. According to a tweet, it seems as if the former NXT superstar could’ve been “quietly” suspended during his days at the WWE for cocaine use.

Dream recently hinted that he could be a superstar that HHH brings back to the fold now that Vince is gone. Looks like those aspirations are all but a distant memory, thanks to all this recent news and arrests.

What’s next for Velveteen Dream? Only time will tell, but the very first thing he needs to do is clean his act up.

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