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Dorathy's been an avid fan of the WWE and sports entertainment since she was a small child. She attended her first live at the age of three. As a full-time freelancer, she not only writes about professional wrestling on WrestleNewz but on other topics including health, wellness, and parenting.

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Bullet Club
June 8, 2023
According to a report, AEW will be adding new members to its Bullet Club Gold faction, “imminently”.
AEW Heel
June 8, 2023
According to a report, there’s a heel AEW star that could be making a babyface turn soon.
Matt Cardona
June 8, 2023
Matt Cardona recently chats with PWMania about a fake run sheet for AEW Collision and the possibility of being on the show, which debuts next week.
WWE Record
June 8, 2023
The WWE has been around for decades, but it seems as if this new generation of talents continues to hit milestones and make history. This week, an impressive record was broken during an NXT episode. Read more, belo
CM Punk
June 6, 2023
AEW Collision will debut in a couple of weeks, on Saturday, June 17th. The brand-new show will feature CM Punk and is taking place live from Chicago, Illinois’s United Centre. With his splashing return to the promotion, who will he dive into a program with, first?
Bray Wyatt
June 6, 2023
A recent report reveals that Bray Wyatt is finally set to return to the land of the WWE. Will things change, this time around?
best wwe wrestlers of all time
June 1, 2023
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has some incredible history, with so many amazing talents that have graced the promotion’s squared circle over the years. While many are memorable, not all have become champions; it takes a unique skill of timing, tremendous in-ring ability, and the skill at cutting promos to reach the top of the ladder in the WWE.
Mandy Rose
June 1, 2023
Mandy Rose had an incredible run in NXT after returning to the developmental brand in July 2021. Unfortunately, she was left out of a recent WWE video package, and the star reacted to this.
WWE Fiend
June 1, 2023
According to a report, the WWE was not happy with Bray Wyatt’s new persona upon his last return. Looks like The Fiend could make a huge comeback when Wyndham Rotunda re-enters storylines.
Vince McMahon
May 30, 2023
Vince McMahon hasn’t been at a WWE show since WrestleMania 39. However, according to a report, he’s still making changes to events, from afar.