Superstar Done With NXT, Update On Mustafa Ali’s Return

superstar done with nxt
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Reports indicate that one Superstar is done with NXT. Plus, an update on Mustafa Ali’s somewhat unexpected return to RAW on Monday.

Superstar Done With NXT

Things like this happen, sometimes good sometimes bad…this time, one Superstar is done with NXT, and it’s hopefully a good thing.

We’ve seen him working dark matches on SmackDown of late…and according to reports, LA Knight is done with NXT moving forward.

According to Fightful, there are no further plans to feature LA Knight on NXT moving forward.

Notably, Knight took a loss in his last NXT match. Of course, he lost to recent SmackDown addition, the former NXT Superstar Gunther.

In recent weeks, Knight has shown up as a manager in dark segments on Fridays. The new gimmick for the talented Superstar?

Manager of Knight Model Management.

Thus far, off television, he’s gotten himself two clients. The former Mace of RETRIBUTION, now called Mace The Face…and Mansoor.

Knight is extremely talented, cutting promos and wrestling. Now, how long he stays as purely a SmackDown manager…we have to wait and see.

superstar done with nxt

source:@humblewrestling, twitter, screenshot

As for his clients? Mace could be intriguing, though I have higher hopes for the former Dominik Dijackovic.

Mansoor is an odd choice, but I suppose if a Superstar had nothing better to be doing…there are worse things?

Concern from this writer is…with some marginal Superstars under his managerial guidance…is WWE setting him up for failure?

Hopefully not, because babyface LA Knight in NXT was fun to watch. Even as a heel, that too was good.

His face turn leading into old NXT versus new NXT was a bit curious (because Knight was more new than old, in terms of seniority).

Regardless, he was clearly main roster ready, and could be a solid addition.

Update On Mustafa Ali’s Return

If you watched RAW this week…you’d know someone unexpected showed up. Now we have an update on Mustafa Ali’s return.

A few, actually.

One observation…prior to the request for his release, we knew him as Ali…one of WWE’s many name changes. Mustafa was dropped last year.

Considering all the other name simplifications lately (Ciampa, Theory and so on), it’s surprising that we didn’t just see Ali again.

Now, on the return itself? Per Fightful, it came together in the last week or so.

And, aside from one change, it basically went according to plan.

Turns out that initial plans had Ali losing to The Miz. As it unfolded, I have no issue with Ali getting a nice win in his return, and then immediately having a couple directions to go in.

Ali could feud with Theory for the United States Championship-though I feel like he’s going to hold that for a few months.

superstar done with nxt

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

And, well, we know Ciampa took him out post-match, so that is the logical first feud.

Per notes, Ali’s WWE contract-which a few months ago, he wanted out of-expires at some point in 2024.

WWE declined those requests, in a bit of a curious move, considering how quickly they’ve granted others (like Toni Storm).

Ali is quite talented, and was on the verge of a major push a few years back, before that was derailed due to injury.

He signed off on The Miz and Theory taking shots at his request and his absence, so it seems like he’s on board for the duration.

It will be interesting to watch what unfolds moving forward.

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