Liv Morgan suffers major injury at worst time

There really is no other way to put it other than it seems to be a tough break for Liv Morgan.

Tough Break For Liv Morgan
Credit: @livinoblvn, twitter, screenshot

There really is no other way to put it other than it seems to be a tough break for Liv Morgan.

Just when things seemed like they were trending in the right direction for her again, she now finds herself out of action.

Fans were pretty happy that Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez claimed the Women’s Tag Team Championships not long ago.

However, due to that tough break for Liv Morgan, she and Raquel are now former champions…without ever getting pinned.

All this stems from a recent battle between the now-former champions, and two thirds of Damage CTRL.

And that clash was not kind to either team. We’ve previously noted that Dakota Kai is likely going to be missing an extended period of time as well.

Worth noting that the reports indicated that Kai’s injury was worse than Morgan’s, too.

Also worth pointing out that initially…it didn’t seem all that bad for Morgan.

Shoulder injury sidelines Liv Morgan

Tough Break For Liv Morgan
source:@livinoblvn, twitter, screenshot

Just about as quickly as we heard Liv wouldn’t miss time…things changed for the worse.

On the May 19th episode of SmackDown, it was announced that Morgan and Rodriguez were relinquishing the titles due to Liv’s injury.

We also now know that, on the May 28th RAW, there will be a four way bout to crown the next women’s tag champs.

Now, we may have an idea of what Liv is dealing with.

Per the Wrestling Observer, it is believed that Liv Morgan sustained a shoulder injury during her tag match.

Perhaps ironically, it is believed she may have been injured taking a kick from Dakota Kai in the corner.

While early indications seemed optimistic, current plans look likely that the former women’s champion will require surgery to repair the damage.

Tough Break For Liv Morgan
source: @wrestlingwcc, twitter, screenshot

Until or unless we hear the exact injury and recovery timeframe, there’s no telling how long Morgan will be out.

Just looking at the calendar, I don’t know if SummerSlam is realistic or not, but it’s a safe bet the Superstar from New Jersey will do whatever she has to do, in order to get back fast.

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