Dakota Kai Suffered Injury, What’s Up With Kenny Omega

dakota kai suffered injury
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

It was revealed on the latest RAW that Dakota Kai suffered an injury during the Royal Rumble. Plus, what’s up with Kenny Omega and his Visa issues?

Dakota Kai Suffered Injury

I didn’t notice it during the event, but it’s been reported that Dakota Kai suffered an injury during Saturday’s Royal Rumble.

That revelation actually came out during the most recent edition of Monday Night RAW.

As Iyo Sky was set to fight Candace LeRae, Dakota Kai and Bayley joined her at ringside.

Except, Dakota Kai was in street clothes, which was a bit notable. As she came to the ring, the announcers noted that she was injured during the Rumble.

Beyond that, no injury details were provided.

Later in RAW, as Becky Lynch was “negotiating” with Bayley, she dragged Kai to the entrance and had the Superstar’s leg in peril.

That is what made Bayley agree to the steel cage match, which we get next week on RAW.

Now, that all could have been purely for the storyline. Or, sometimes art imitates life.

dakota kai suffered injury

source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Meaning, it’s possible that Dakota Kai suffered a leg injury (knee or ankle perhaps), and that this angle was done to potentially get her off television for a spell.

Again, at the moment this is all speculation on my part. We only know that the RAW announcers acknowledged an injury, and then we saw the angle.

Considering others were worse for wear the days after Saturday’s Rumble, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some legitimacy to it.

That being said, fans of Dakota Kai were not happy to learn of her injury.

What’s Up With Kenny Omega

Now that the Elite is back on television, we should see a lot of all three, but what’s up with Kenny Omega?

Specifically, we have not seen much of Omega in 2023.

Per reports, one third of the AEW Trios Champions has been having some visa issues preventing him from being on television.

According to the Wrestling Observer and others, those issues are no longer issues.

Per Meltzer, whatever was causing problems has been handled. The expectation is we should see Kenny Omega back on television as soon as tonight.

For fans of AEW and specifically of Kenny Omega, that should be good news.

dakota kai suffered injury

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

In general, it does seem like AEW is getting some key contributors back to make a good run of things to start 2023.

The Elite, we already know, have returned from their suspensions. And, in likely bigger news, Adam Cole is back from his lengthy injury break.

Even if they aren’t head to head with a competitor’s show, or even if they aren’t “competition”, it’s great to know that the company is getting their top stars back.

And…still no movement either way with regards to one CM Punk. No shock there, I suppose.

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