WWE Plans For Raquel Rodriquez, Buff Bagwell Re-Enters Rehab

WWE Plans Raquel Rodriquez
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Along with Aliyah, Raquel Rodriquez scored the WWE Women’s Tag Titles last night on RAW. According to a new report, the company has some major plans for the female superstar. Read more, below.

WWE Plans For Raquel Rodriquez

Dave Meltzer recently chats about Aliyah and Raquel’s Tag Team Championship win, during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio. He notes that it’s clear WWE has plans to push Rodriquez as a major star.

In his opinion, it seems that Aliyah may just be “along for the ride”. Meltzer states that their championship finals match wasn’t “particularly good”, just the outcome was surprising.

Dave notes that it was “clear” that Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky were “favorites” to win going into the bout. However, if the company plans to push Raquel, this all makes sense.

More On WWE Plans For Raquel Rodriquez

Raquel and Aliya beat some incredible talent to advance to the finals. They defeated Shotzi and Xia Li in the first round.

They then went on to beat Sonya Deville and Natalya in the semi-finals. While the new Women’s Tag Team Champions received some criticism for the win, there must be some huge plans in the works.

Over to some news about a wrestling legend. It sounds like Buff Bagwell has re-entered rehab.

Buff Bagwell Re-Enters Rehab

Bagwell has struggled with legal issues and substance abuse over the years now. WWE Hall of Famer, DDP, recently provided fans with an update on Buff.

WWE Plans Raquel Rodriquez

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DDP notes in a new YouTube video that he’s been working with Bagwell over the last nine months or so on a project. He told fans that it’s a docu-series named Change or Die.

The wrestling legend goes on to say that while Buff didn’t have a weight loss problem or a diabetes problem, he did have addiction issues.

In fact, DDP states that his addiction problem was one that he could mask well. With that said, Bagwell was doing well, for the most part, even though he did have his ups and downs.

DDP notes that with addiction, the people you hang out with the most can affect your success. He goes on to say that when he was with him, he was in a safe and positive place.

DDP also states in the video that when Bagwell was outside of the above environment, he was with people who didn’t really care. People that can “bring you down” and were negative influences on Buff’s life.

Therefore, Buff Bagwell had a relapse. DDP had a meeting with Bagwell and all his people.

Buff Bagwell’s Getting The Help He Needs

Everyone agreed it would be a good idea for Bagwell to go to rehab. DDP reveals they don’t know how long Buff will be in rehab.

However, the good news is that he’s in a good mindset. DDP notes Bagwell has the best positive outlook he’s heard him in.

Unfortunately, many of Bagwell’s appearances must be canceled now. But at least he’s getting the help he needs to get back on his feet.

Bagwell started a podcast in 2021, titled, Rebuilding Buff. There was a little controversy that surrounded the star when he stated the WWE turned him down for rehab.

Still, while he’s hit a bump in the road, it looks like Buff is doing all he can to get better. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we wish him all the best in recovery.

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