Suffers A Big Injury
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

We were told that more than Liv Morgan exited a recent women’s tag title match banged up, and now it seems that Dakota Kai suffers a big injury in the same match.

The nature and extent of Morgan’s injury has not been revealed, but it seems things are a bit murky.

Case in point: initially, the word was that Liv Morgan was injured, but that she wouldn’t miss much time.

By SmackDown, however, that had dramatically changed. WWE announced the decision to have Raquel Rodriguez and Morgan relinquish the titles, with a four way match on an upcoming RAW to fix that.

As that match was discussed, Bayley gave us some new information.

Up until Friday, there had been whispers that several women left that match banged up.

Morgan we knew.

Now, we know…

Dakota Kai suffers major injury

Suffers A Big Injury
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

Bayley mentioned it in a brief segment hyping that match to crown new champs.

Fightful confirmed that Dakota Kai is also on the mend, and it might be a big injury causing her to miss a bigger chunk of time.

As with Liv Morgan, we do not know what is going on with Dakota Kai, but per the report, the member of Damage CTRL may have gotten the worst of it.

Unfortunately for the Superstar known as the leader of Team Kick, this isn’t her first significant injury while with WWE.

She battled the injury bug down in NXT up until her release.

Fans know that Dakota is really talented, but her runs in NXT always seemed to get derailed due to bad luck.

If Liv Morgan’s was bad enough that WWE took the titles off of her and Raquel…and Dakota’s big injury is worse…it makes you wonder.

Suffers A Big Injury
source: @crispywrestle, twitter, screenshot

The absolute worst case scenario would likely be a major knee injury. A close second would possibly be a significant concussion.

Stay tuned as we await further news on how much time the Superstar will miss.