WWE Thrilled
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A recent report reveals that WWE officials are thrilled over the work Judgement Day is doing and just how much the foursome has evolved in the past year, and recent months.

WWE Thrilled With What Judgement Day Is Doing

Judgment Day is making serious waves in the WWE right now. Currently, the faction is comprised of Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Damien Priest.

According to Fightful Select, company officials are quite impressed with the group and the work they are doing. In fact, the report notes that the former leader of the stable, Edge, says this “new version” of the faction is a “serious upgrade” to his initial idea.

The group was formed in April 2022, with Edge at the head of the stable. Some months later in June, he was removed from the group when Balor joined and took his spot as head of the faction.

WWE Thrilled
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The Company Is Very Happy With All Four Members

The Fightful report also praised Balor for his versatility over the past 12 months, filling unspecified parts for the company with ease. Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley was also mentioned for her openness to improvement and positive attitude to work as both manager and competitor.

In addition, Damien Priest was credited for his work and in-ring chemistry with Grammy Award winner, Bad Bunny. In fact, their Backlash match was changed from a tag bout to a San Juan Street Fight, as everyone felt there was enough trust and comfort between the two to work one-on-one.

WWE Thrilled
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Lastly, WWE Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik was also highlighted for his progress and in-ring work. In addition, he was also acknowledged for the media and promotion duties he’s taken on as a young superstar during his time with the faction.