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It’s not uncommon for a WWE superstar to leave the company, and then make a return. Some can get a massive push, and others don’t. A Hall of Famer recently talked about his flop of a comeback, circa 2013.

RVD Notes WWE Simply Had Nothing For His Return

During his recent 1 of a Kind podcast, Rob Van Dam (RVD) talked about why his brief 2013 return to the WWE failed. Other than a couple of memorable matches, he didn’t have any notable programs during his comeback.

He reveals when he went back to the promotion in 2013, it “sucked” and they weren’t “ready” for him. They had plans for the other guys, but not him.

Rob adds they “threw” him on the schedule, and he agreed to do five weeks, which was about 88 matches. He notes that the bouts were to work with the younger talent but did nothing for him.

WWE Hall
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RVD states that he did not complain about his lack of creative direction, even though he wasn’t booked in any compelling storylines. He reveals the company “killed” him the entire time, and he waited until the last moment to say anything because he’s not a “complainer”.

Rob Van Dam first entered the promotion in 2001 and ended up leaving the company in 2007 because of burnout. As mentioned above, he returned in 2013 and stayed until August 2014.

WWE Hall
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During his tenure with the company he “did it all”. He was a WWE Champion, ECW Champion, European Champ, a Hardcore Champ (four times), held the Intercontinental Title (six times), as well as a three-time Tag Titleholder.

RVD is both a Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion and won the 2006 Men’s MITB briefcase. Therefore, it’s no surprise that RVD was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.