Triple H
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE’s Money in the Bank (MITB) premium live event takes place this Saturday, July 1st. Multiple reports are speculating on who may win the briefcase when all is said and done. However, one is stating that Triple H is opposed to Logan Paul scoring the match.

Triple H Is Opposed To Logan Paul Becoming “Mr. MITB”

According to WRKD Wrestling, a wrestling spoiler handle on Twitter, there are three superstars taking the lead to become the Men’s MITB briefcase winner. Damien Priest, LA Knight, and Logan Paul are the top contenders.

However, some WWE execs feel as if Logan becoming the MITB winner would provide a spotlight on the company, because of his mainstream appeal. With that being said, another report reveals different information.

Meanwhile, Better Wrestling Experience (via Cultaholic Wrestling) is reporting that HHH doesn’t support Logan as the winner of the MITB briefcase. Rather, he believes that the YouTube sensation should feud with LA Knight if Paul doesn’t win the ladder match.

Triple H
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Things Can Always Change At The Umpteenth Hour

Fans know all too well that Vince McMahon loves nothing more than to change plans at the last minute. While the current favorites heading into the match are Knight, Paul, and Priest, the WWE Universe should not discount the other competitors in the bout, Ricochet, Santos Escobar, Butch, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Still, if VKM does change his mind, this could also include taking out superstars from the match and adding new ones to the mix. After all, another recent report reveals that Randy Orton could make a return at the MITB event this weekend.

Triple H
Source: @WRKDWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Then again, there’s also been multiple reports that Bray Wyatt could finally make his way back to the company, soon, too. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess on who could ultimately win the 2023 Men’s MITB ladder match and briefcase.