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Vince McMahon is known for making drastic changes to storylines over the years at the last moment. A current commentator and former WWE star talks about how frustrated he was when he was slated to win Money in the Bank (MITB) until the company’s CEO changed his mind at the umpteenth hour.

WWE Star Relays Frustration

Back in 2011, Wade Barrett was placed in the MITB match, gaining an opportunity at the WWE Championship. He, along with Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Sheamus, Kane, Sin Cara, and Daniel Bryan was slated for the ladder bout.

In 2016, Barrett talked to WhatCulture, telling them how he was supposed to become Mr. MITB for that year. That is until VKM booked Daniel Bryan to win the briefcase at the last moment.

Wade notes that it’s “rare” for this to happen when ladder matches are rehearsed, as the timing needs to be perfect. They went through the match the day prior, with him winning MITB.

WWE Star
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WWE Star Had No Issues With Who Won But Was Disappointed

However, on the day of MITB, all participants were notified that Daniel was winning the bout instead of Barrett. With that being said, Wade had no issues with DB snagging the briefcase.

Still, he was understandably frustrated with McMahon’s change of heart. In fact, Barrett notes about one hour prior to going live on the pay-per-view, a meeting was held and everyone was told Bryan was going to win the match.

Wade notes that he was “disappointed” in the change, but Daniel Bryan “did a great job with it”. Still, he was supposed to be the 2011 MITB winner, at one point in time.

WWE Star
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Later that year in December, DB successfully cashed in his MITB contract at TLC against the Big Show to become World Heavyweight Champion. How different would Wade Barrett’s career be if he had won the ladder match?

It’s so hard to say. But it is interesting to learn about how far VKM’s last-minute decision-making has extended over the years.