Bryan Danielson Suffers Big Injury
source: @realJackCassidy, twittern screenshot

Forbidden Door 2 was an eventful evening, during which Bryan Danielson suffers big injury.

Injuries are a part of pro wrestling, as fans and stars know all too well. It’s one main reason we always see and hear “card subject to change”.

While Forbidden Door largely happened without issues, the night ended with some unfortunate news for Danielson.

The key member of the Blackpool Combat Club was pitted against NJPW star Kazuchika Okada.

While the match had a spot that didn’t sit well with fans, there may have been a reason for it, given the timing.

Bryan Danielson Suffers Big Injury

Following the show, Danielson confirmed that he did indeed get hurt during the match, believed to have happened just before that questionable spot.

Per the report, the damage is a fractured forearm. As such, he is expected to be out six to eight weeks, assuming all heals as it should.

Bryan Danielson Suffers Big Injury
source: @realJackCassidy, twittern screenshot

And just like that, Bryan Danielson’s summer plans are very much in limbo.

Doing some back of the napkin math, the injury happened on June 25.

AEW has a major event on August 27, from Wembley : All In.

You could argue that All In, given the size of the venue and expected crowd, could actually be the biggest (in terms of size and importance) AEW show ever.

Whether the American Dragon will be cleared for All In, however, we can’t say.

Assuming things go exactly to plan and heal perfectly? You’d expect he’d be available.

But we’ve all seen things not quite go to plan. It will be very interesting to see how AEW moves forward with All In plans, whether they book Danielson in a match expecting him to be cleared.

Plus, keeping in mind he wasn’t even 100% going into Forbidden Door? This is worth watching.

Bryan Danielson Suffers Big Injury
source: @patricktheheel, twitter, screenshot

Still, considering his medical history (which is why fans weren’t loving that one spot on Sunday), the news could have been much worse.