Adam Cole Missed Forbidden Door Fight
source: @MrMontana6969, twitter, screenshot

If you watched it live, you already know this, but Adam Cole missed Forbidden Door fight for a really unfortunate reason.

Cole, who missed a lot of recent time due to injury and subsequent rehab, caught a bug and missed his Forbidden Door match Sunday evening.

He had been scheduled to take on Tom Lawlor.

Adam Cole Missed Forbidden Door Fight
source: @MrMontana6969, twitter, screenshot

With the scheduled match cancelled due to Cole’s illness, Lawlor was relegated to the pre-show.

The news was shared with fans by Tony Khan on Twitter:

Adam Cole Missed Forbidden Door Fight

Fightful added some additional insight, noting that there was some concern that the former NXT Champion was banged up after his recent clash with MJF.

For now though, his Sunday absence remains attributed to an unexpected illness.

Given the timing involved, that does actually make sense.

After all, it isn’t as though the Lawlor-Cole clash has been announced for weeks.

Rather, this match was only made official on Friday. Between then and now, something caught up with Cole and just like that, he’s off the show.

It’s worth reminiscing that the last time we had a chance to see Adam Cole work Forbidden Door…that time out wasn’t without issues either.

Last year, he took part in a four way battle, during which he suffered a gnarly concussion.

So, he has a bad memory of the first Forbidden Door, and he has now missed the second entirely.

Will the third time be the charm? Assuming that there will be another edition of the show (and that seems like a safe assumption), perhaps the third time will indeed be the charm for him.

Adam Cole Missed Forbidden Door Fight
source: @aewespanol, twitter, screenshot

Cole was happy to head from WWE to AEW, though it wasn’t an easy decision (even with his better half being a big star there).

And yet, since jumping to Tony Khan’s company, it has been a bumpy run of things. Here’s hoping things turn around for him.