Randy Orton
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Randy has been out of action for a little over a year. As fans wonder if and when he’ll return to the ring, a new report reveals that he could come back as early as this weekend at  WWE’s next pay-per-view (PPV) Money in the Bank (MITB).

Randy Orton Is Coming Back Soon

WRKD Wrestling, a wrestling spoiler Twitter handle recently revealed that Orton’s comeback is “nearing” and could happen as soon as this Saturday, July 1st during MITB. See below.

The former WWE Champion has been out of action since May 2022. He’s been dealing with a serious back injury.

There’s been some massive speculation as to when the WWE star would return to the ring. In fact, some fans wondered if they would ever even see him back in the squared circle again.

His WWE Hall of Famer dad Bob Orton conducted an interview earlier this year speculating that his son had been advised by doctors to hang up his wrestling boots. This made many very nervous about a possible comeback for the Viper.

Randy Orton
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With that being said, another WWE Hall of Famer, and close friend of the Legend Killer, Kurt Angle increased hopes when he said the WWE superstar was possibly nearing a comeback. During a recent Kurt Angle podcast, Angle noted that the star is “doing good”.

Kurt also stated that Randy has “recovered” from his back surgery and that he’s gonna come back very soon. Angle also revealed his friend is “doing much better” and “coming back to life” (on social media).

Randy Orton
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Will the wrestling veteran come back and reunite with former RK-BRO tag partner, Matt Riddle? The two were aligned before he exited storylines.

Interestingly enough, Riddle is set to face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at the MITB event. Will the Viper return to help his friend or ruin his chance around a new title run?