Could NXT Team Make A Big Move
source: @luigiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

In what will most assuredly lead to a spoiler, could NXT team make a big move?

Before we completely spoil it, let’s paint the picture.

A few months ago, the team now known as the Dyad (formerly the Grizzled Young Vets) requested their release from their WWE contracts.

That request was denied.

Upon being denied, the belief was that once their contracts expired later in 2023, the duo would take their services elsewhere.

OK, all set? Good.

Now, on the June 27th edition of NXT, a “loser leaves NXT” tag match was announced, pitting the Dyad against the Creed Brothers.


Could NXT Team Make A Big Move?

Here’s where we get to the spoilers…and a bit of a curveball.

Could NXT Team Make A Big Move
source: @luigiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Due to the holiday next week in the United States (Independence Day), the black and gold brand taped that show following the June 27th effort.

Meaning, we already know how next week will unfold.

Per PWInsider, the NXT team that could make a big move is not the Dyad.

Last warning, spoilers absolutely ahead.

For the taped July 4th show, the Dyad, with some masked outside interference, defeated the Creed Brothers.

That means, by stipulation, the Creed Brothers have to leave NXT.

So, since it seems unlikely that WWE is getting rid of the talented brothers…the expectation is that this is the precursor to landing on one of RAW or SmackDown.

This would not shock me, as they are a good tag team. They hit their stride as part of the initial iteration of Diamond Mine, but should be able to develop into a top tag team on either brand.

Could NXT Team Make A Big Move
source: @JayCarsonReal1, twitter, screenshot

With that said, this is a bit of a curious move. Knowing that the Dyad want out, the logical guess was that this was how WWE would write the unhappy pair off.

That they did not, has to make you wonder. Have they been given certain concessions that could see them actually stick around?