Big Reason Why Grayson Waller Hasn’t Wrestled?

Grayson Waller Hasn't Wrestled
Credit: @indiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Fans may have been curious about it, and did we just get the big reason why Grayson Waller hasn’t wrestled?

Rewind over the last few months…

The last time we saw him work a match, he fought for the NXT Championship against Carmelo Hayes.

He’s since been drafted, and we’ve seen him take his unique talk show to SmackDown.

And, while he’s good as a host, he actually can wrestle…but he has not worked a match since that NXT title match.

Now…have we gotten the news we’ve been missing?

Grayson Waller Hasn't Wrestled
source: @indiwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Big Reason Why Grayson Waller Hasn’t Wrestled?

Per Fightful, the brash Superstar broke his leg during that title match.

Given his downtime since, even if we haven’t seen him hobbling on crutches, it would seem possible that the injury is in fact legitimate.

And, taking it one step further, sometimes wrestlers can pivot to other roles while injured as a means to keep them on television.

Waller is already well-known for his talk show from NXT. Sure, WWE might have a few of these talk shows, such as MizTV, The KO Show and the occasional Impaulsive.

But, his delivery is unique and he is absolutely seen as a rising star.

So, depending on the nature and severity of the injury, it would seem WWE saw the show as a chance to introduce the Aussie Superstar to the broader WWE Universe, while giving the injury plenty of time to heal.

And, considering the nature of what he does and how he does it on the Waller Effect? It’s only a matter of time before a guest decides to make things get physical.

Once that time comes, it seems quite likely that the in-ring SmackDown debut of Grayson Waller will follow in short order.

Grayson Waller Hasn't Wrestled
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Doing rough math, based on recovery timelines, it would seem like the in-ring debut could happen sooner than not.

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