Highlights From Grayson Waller vs AJ Styles

Grayson Waller

The NXT main event will be the legendary AJ Styles facing off against newcomer Grayson Waller. Waller, who has quickly become the most hated man in all of wrestling (sorry, MJF), drew the NXT faithful’s ire with his savage beating of Johnny Gargano.

Waller then called out and attacked AJ Styles a few weeks back. Waller upped the ante by attacking Styles and costing him a match on Monday Night Raw. As all problems are solved in WWE, these two will take their feud to the ring.
Here are a few highlights from the big match-up.

The crowd chanted for AJ (and against Grayson) for the first few minutes as the two exchanged a few holds.

Waller took the early advantage.

AJ Styles is 44 years old.

Waller with a devastating maneuver.

Simply. Phenomenal.


Twitter Reacts To The Main Event.

Why is Waller wearing Ali trunks?

Me too, Sister.

He’s big on Twitter!

Overall, I thought that match was pretty solid. Waller kept up with Styles and showed off some great moves and potential. But then again, AJ Styles is so good he could wrestle a chair and make it look amazing.

NXT was pretty solid overall.

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