Staff Working Against Vince McMahon
source: @Bub3m16, twitter, screenshot

It almost seems funny to ask, but are WWE staff working against Vince McMahon?

As some have termed it, there may be some efforts to “Vince-proof” RAW and SmackDown.

This development comes to light following the news that McMahon was once again making last minute changes, not always the good kind.

And with unpopular changes come…unhappy Superstars. We’ve heard of some talent also being unhappy because of these recent late changes.

It is an interesting state of things, to be sure.

Pinpointing the show that made talent most unhappy is hard to do, but news points to the former owner of WWE has been making a lot of changes, on a lot of shows, remotely in recent weeks.

The June 23rd SmackDown had a lot of late changes, and unhappy talent after. As a fan, the show definitely felt off.

Then again, the past couple RAWs also reportedly had late changes as well…however those seemed to work out much better.

Staff Working Against Vince McMahon
source: @Bub3m16, twitter, screenshot

So we ask…

Are WWE Staff Working Against Vince McMahon?

According to multiple reports, staff have sought ways to impart their own method of baby-proofing, to keep the shows as unchanged late as possible. Plus, if they can limit late changes…they keep talent happier.

Fightful dove into this a bit more, noting that one major attempt to protect the shows from late changes is having matches announced more ahead of time than we are used to.

We’ve always seen matches made on this week’s show for the following week.

However, on recent shows, we’ve seen matches made for shows two weeks out. The reason being, as much as Vince loves changes…he loves delivering on announced cards more.

That being said, this plan has not been flawless. Using the June 23 SmackDown again, numerous matches were cut (including Bayley versus Shotzi, for Bayey’s spot in MITB).

Staff Working Against Vince McMahon
source: @want2lift, twitter, screenshot

On RAW, it was McMahon who scuttled original plans for Seth Rollins’ open challenge…but I think we can say that, in that case, the change worked out pretty well.

It’s interesting to see that plenty within WWE are frustrated that Vince is back to meddling, and are trying to do whatever they can to minimize the negative impacts.