Unique Tag Title Split Coming Soon?

There's been a lot of belt activity in WWE...so is a unique tag title split coming soon?

Unique Tag Title Split
Credit: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

There’s been a lot of belt activity in WWE…so is a unique tag title split coming soon?

On the heels of the new World Heavyweight Championship, and 4 new title belts showing up, and even the unification of the women’s tag belts and NXT titles…what’s going on with the men’s belts?

The tag team championships have been unified for about a year now.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated Jimmy and Jey Uso to become the current top tag team, and they still carry the red and blue belts.

So, are they getting new belts, or what?


Unique Tag Title Split Coming Soon?

Unique Tag Title Split
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

If you remember from this past RAW, Sami Zayn made it a point to call out Kevin Owens and his anger issues.

Specifically, Zayn called Owens a possible “rage-aholic”.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen KO snap a bit more demonstrably…and there may be a reason for it.

According to one news source:

I don’t particularly hate this idea.

It could also involve good old Dr. Shelby, if perhaps the good doctor suggests that two titles is too much for KO to handle.

Regardless, I do think I prefer a world where we once again have men’s tag titles defended on RAW and SmackDown…independent of each other.

Otherwise, since the belts have had a single owner for a year now, just formally unify the belts and give Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn something new to carry around.

Unique Tag Title Split
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

My biggest concern with the above speculation? Make sure it is done in such a way as to not diminish the titles.

Another option that could work, but probably won’t happen?

Have the titles defended in a multi-team ladder match. Both sets are on the line.

Grab one, you are just the tag champs for that brand. Snag both, and we have unified champions still.

And, you could see how that would be booked…but it would probably turn out OK.

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