Lacey Evans Controversial Remark, Kevin Owens – WWE Contract

Lacey Evans Controversial Remark
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Lacey Evans made a controversial remark about autism and ADD, which is causing backlash. Also, how long is Kevin Owens under WWE contract?

Lacey Evans Controversial Remark

Sometimes, all it takes is one post on social media to anger fans. And, that is exactly what Lacey Evans did.

Without any evidence, Evans claimed autism and ADD did not exist before. She shared a conspiracy theory video from Critical Health News.

Please note, the information on that site is not scientifically proven. It is just people trying to pass dangerous opinions as truth.

Evans deleted the tweets, but below is a transcript and screenshot.

“I watched a video on the impact of processed food is having on our children and I shared the video. yall are insane.”

“Side note. Like EVERYTHING else in life (headline is misleading). Watch the video. He literally says there has been huge difference in health since eating processed foods.”

Evans comments received tons of backlash. Hence, why she probably deleted the posts.

Since returning to WWE after giving birth to her second child, she has done little. Mostly, she keeps switching gimmicks as well as being a face or heel.

Kevin Owens – WWE Contract

Lacey Evans Controversial Remark

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

There was a time when Kevin Owens’ WWE contract was coming up. At the same time, many WWE wrestlers were leaving to join AEW.

That trend still continues today, but it seems like AEW is slowing down on all the hires. Owens had a difficult decision to make, although he stuck with WWE.

Currently, he is in his eighth year between NXT and WWE’s main roster. He has won most titles, including the Universal Championship.

While speaking to Peter Rosenberg of Cheap Heat, Owens went over his contract length. Also, he continued how he made the right choice sticking with WWE.

“Now, I have two more years left on my current contract,” said Owens. “I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t sign another one when it’s done because I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near done.” 

“But, who knows what could happen. At this stage in my career, I really want to have fun and make sure I’m still putting out memorable stuff for people watching.”

“I look back at the career I had and if it all ended tomorrow, it would be hard to have any kind of regret because I’ve done some incredible stuff.” 

“And, I’ve been very lucky to do what I’ve done. Every other show, every other thing I get to experience is a bonus because I’m not really sure how I can have a better career than I’ve had already.” 

“That’s not me patting myself on the back. I’m just saying I’ve been very fortunate.”

Owens is currently working another program with Roman Reigns. It is doubtful Owens will walkaway from the feud with a title.

Yet, he is rumored for a major tag team match at WrestleMania alongside Sami Zayn. The Usos and Paul Brothers have been discussed as challengers.

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