Could Omos Return To WWE Soon?

Omos Return To WWE Soon
source: @wrestleops, x, screenshot

There’s been talk about him off and on for months, but he’s not been seen on television…so could Omos return to WWE soon?

We know that the massive Nigerian Superstar has been keeping in shape by working house shows, but he was off of television for the vast majority of 2023, and thus far in 2024.

But, if the whispers are to be believed, that might be ending soon.

Which would be good, because in spite of his absence, he has been praised for his work.

And, if things are to be believed, he might not come back the way we remember him.

Omos Return To WWE Soon
source: @wrestleops, x, screenshot

Could Omos Return To WWE Soon?

According to the current and reliable source Boozer Wrasslin’, there are plans for Omos to return. And there has been talks about repackaging the big man.

I cannot help but wonder if Omos could be in play for the upcoming Royal Rumble.

Such an appearance would make a great deal of sense. The event is well known for big returns and surprise appearances.

While no one is saying that he’d return in just a few weeks, it does seem that no matter what, he should be back in the near future.

It will be interesting to see how they bring him back, and if he is indeed repackaged.

We’ve seen him with AJ Styles and against him, as well as working with MVP more recently.

Omos Return To WWE Soon
source: @activewrestling, x, screenshot

Could Lashley and the Street Profits enlist him to help them battle Karrion Kross and the Authors of Pain?

Hopefully, we find out soon enough.

if not that, WWE is known to be creative. They have turned giants into jobbers.

It is amazing what WWE can do with a talent, even if they have been on TV for years Basically, they repackage them into someone totally unrecognizable.

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