WWE Omos
Source: @SethRollinsFans, Twitter, Screenshot

When WWE first announced the Omos versus Seth Rollins match at Backlash, many fans disapproved. There wasn’t a ton of build-up with their program and many believed the ginormous talent was not ready. With that being said, the talent is now getting praised for his performance.

WWE Very Happy With Omos For His Match At Backlash

Now that Backlash is behind everyone, Omos is getting praised for his work at the event. While he needs to work on becoming a complete performer, many have noticed how much he’s improved as an in-ring competitor.

Recently, Road Dogg notes during his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast that “no matter” what is done with Omos, or what happened at WrestleMania, the star can walk into any city or arena, and “everyone” will be in “awe”. He states that the talent is “that kind of an attraction”.

Road Dogg continues by saying he has more “upside” to him in his mind than The Big Show or even Andre The Giant. As Dogg states, Big Show was a great athlete, and this was proven by his in-ring ability to execute drop-kicks and go off the top rope, despite his size.

WWE Omos
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

He also notes that the star is the same type of athlete as the Big Show, and that he’s a “good athlete” at his size. Dogg continues by saying it’s uncommon and “cool” to see.

Road Dogg notes that he is really “huge”, but he never looked at the Big Show the way he looks at Omos. According to Dogg, the star is “so tall” and high above him when you talk to him.

WWE Omos
Source: @SethRollinsFans, Twitter, Screenshot

Whether fans agree with Road Dogg or not, PW Insider recently released an interesting report. According to them, the company was very happy with Omos, post-Backlash.

In fact, they believe his bout against Seth Rollins was one of the star’s best matches in the company so far. Looks like the larger-than-life star has a bright future with the company.