Jericho Has No Desire For Dream Match

No Desire For Dream Match
Credit: @sammyskfootball, twitter, screenshot

Certain wrestling bouts take forever to come together, if they ever do. But, Chris Jericho has no desire for dream match involving one Hall of Famer.

We’ve all experienced a dream match or two in our time as fans…probably.

Warrior and Hogan way back when? Hogan and Flair?

Rock and Cena. Hogan and The Rock.

Iconic names, all of whom did massive business, getting together for some big match or other.

Then again, some of those dream match scenarios never came to fruition.

No Desire For Dream Match
source: @sammyskfootball, twitter, screenshot

For example, we could have had Sting versus The Undertaker…but it never happened, and never will (barring some stunning shift).

We’ve also never seen Sting take on another esteemed fellow AEW star.

And yet…

Jericho Has No Desire For Dream Match

Chris Jericho and Sting share an employer.

The two of them, one in the Hall of Fame, one eventually will be, have never wrestled one on one.

And now, we have heard that Jericho has no desire for the dream match.

There are swirling rumors that Sting will call it a career-for real-this year.

Knowing there are a limited number of matches left in his career, a fan on Twitter floated out the dream match scenario.

And…here’s Chris Jericho’s response:

Now, that could really be the end of it…Jericho may have legit no interest in the match.

Or, he could also know that things are at least loosely planned out for most of 2023…and the match is not in the cards.

Then again, he’s a master at his craft and a heel…so, it’s entirely possible that he’s answering that ask in character, and why would he give a fan what they want?

I mean…heels don’t do that, right?

No Desire For Dream Match
source: @johnreport, twitter, screenshot

In professional wrestling, most of us know better than to believe things like that. We never say never for a reason.

Until Sting is 100% retired, and has not had a one on one match with Jericho…I take it with a grain of salt.

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