AEW Is Preparing For Sting’s Retirement, NXT Draft Rumors

It looks like AEW is preparing for Sting's retirement. And, some NXT draft rumors have names being promoted to RAW and SmackDown.

AEW Is Preparing For Sting's Retirement
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It looks like AEW is preparing for Sting’s retirement. And, some NXT draft rumors have names being promoted to RAW and SmackDown.

AEW Is Preparing For Sting’s Retirement

Sting turned 64 years old last month and it finally might be time for him to retire. After all, Sting has been one of the biggest draws during his almost 40 year career.

He is best known for his run in WCW. Also, he has wrestled for other major companies in the United States like WWE, Impact Wrestling and now AEW.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter addressed Sting’s future, while speaking about Goldberg. They noted how the belief is Tony Khan is focused on the final chapter of Sting and not Goldberg; at least for now.

“My gut is that Tony Khan would love to do it, although the Sting retirement has to be his priority for this year,” the report noted. “I’d think Khan would love to feature Goldberg in some fashion anyway, but Goldberg made so much money for so few matches in his WWE deal.” 

“Reportedly $2 million for each of his Saudi Arabia matches. And for AEW, that kind of money per match simply isn’t cost-effective.”

Sting will go down as the top babyface of WCW. When the promotion folded, he was one of the few wrestlers to not immediately join WWE.

Instead, he eventually signed with Impact Wrestling. He won their world championship before departing after about a decade.

Sting would then sign with WWE. Unfortunately, his run in WWE was not considered a success by many. 

During a match with Seth Rollins, Sting was legitimately injured at Night of Champions 2015. WWE would not clear him to compete inside their ring again.

So, shortly after, he landed in the WWE Hall of Fame. As a result, Sting became one of the few wrestlers to be the Hall of Fame for WWE and Impact Wrestling.

Despite not being cleared by WWE, Sting repeatedly noted how he felt fine to wrestle. Eventually, Sting’s WWE contract expired and he signed with AEW.

In the beginning, Sting worked alongside Darby Allin. They took part in cinematic matches before Sting started to wrestle inside the ring again.

At this point, it is likely time that AEW is preparing for Sting’s retirement.

Everything considered, it is tough to imagine how Sting is still going so strong. While he might be slower than the WCW version, he looks incredible for someone his age to still be wrestling.

So, what are your thoughts that AEW is preparing for Sting’s retirement later this year?

NXT Draft Rumors

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A big change to WWE came right after WrestleMania 39. News spread that WWE was sold to Endeavor, with the company now having 51% control of WWE.

Shortly after that massive story, Triple H confirmed the WWE Draft is returning. 

According to Mike Johnson of PWI Elite, WWE is looking at some NXT wrestlers to make the jump to RAW or SmackDown. 

Cameron Grimes, Ilja Dragonuv, Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) and Zoey Stark have been discussed.

Grimes finished up with NXT back in February. The former North American Champion was waiting for creative to have a storyline before adding him to the main roster. 

Ilja Dragonuv is best known for his run in NXT UK. There, he ended GUNTHER’s impressive run as champion. 

Pretty Deadly are also familiar with gold, holding the NXT Tag Team Championship. At Stand & Deliver, they served as the hosts.

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Stark retuned to NXT earlier in the year following major knee surgery and even appeared in this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She turned heel after turning on her partner, Nikkita Lyons.

Do our readers have any names in particular they want to see make the leap from NXT to the main roster?

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