Could A Toxic Superstar Return
source: @matmenpodcast, twitter, screenshot

It seems like a crazy question, but could a toxic Superstar return to WWE?

In the wild and crazy world of professional wrestling, many fans have learned to never say never.

I am old enough to remember a time when Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan would never work together. We know how that worked out.

We also remember a time when Bret Hart would never come back to Vince’s company…and he did.

So, we know that doors are never entirely closed, and bridges are never entirely burned. Right?

Some may be more burned than others.

The fall from grace we witnessed by one Patrick Clark certainly appeared to be unrecoverable.

And yet…

Could A Toxic Superstar Return To WWE?

Clark, better know as Velveteen Dream, seemed destined for greatness.

Could A Toxic Superstar Return
source: @matmenpodcast, twitter, screenshot

Young, athletic, insanely charismatic, it seemed a question of when, not if, he’d be on RAW or SmackDown.

Then, the wheels came off. Clark found himself involved in some personal controversy.

WWE investigated the serious allegations, reportedly not finding any damning evidence against Dream.

There was enough drama and baggage that the company released him, and he’s not caught on anywhere since-in spite of that tremendous promise.

Another former NXT talent had some harsh words about Dream not that long ago, but still…WWE reportedly nearly re-hired Velveteen Dream.

As covered via Sportskeeda, the insider Twitter account of BWE reported that the company nearly re-signed Clark in 2022.

This might shed some added light to Clark’s arrest video from last year, during which he claims to once again be a WWE employee.

No word on the timing of things, but it seems a safe guess that perhaps a reunion was that close, but the arrest made WWE brass change their minds.

If we are talking purely an in-ring talent perspective, then yes, Velveteen Dream should still be involved.

However, now more than ever, what a talent does outside of the facility is as known about as anything else…and for a company like WWE, Clark is too much of a liability at this point in time.

Could A Toxic Superstar Return
source: @lightmatane, twitter, screenshot

Perhaps in due time he can get things worked out. Maybe he needs some time getting his head straight working with DDP.

For now, the toxic Superstar remains a former WWE employee…but it is not impossible to imagine a reunion.