Reason Behind Velveteen Dream’s Exit, AEW Star Nearly Kidnapped

reason behind velveteen dreams exit
source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

What had been a long time coming finally happened last week, so what was the reason behind Velveteen Dream’s exit? Plus, a top AEW star was nearly kidnapped!

Reason Behind Velveteen Dream’s Exit

When the news came down that WWE had finally released The Velveteen Dream, basically no one was shocked. The reason behind Velveteen Dream’s exit, however, is not what we all expected.

As has been well documented all around the wrestling world, Dream found himself tangled up in a couple nasty controversies over the last year or so.

Once ticketed for a major role within the company, that push got derailed. At one point in time, there was even chatter about a fast track to the main roster…but scandals cancelled that real quick.

reason behind velveteen dreams exit

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Some of the worst accusations came up in 2020, and WWE was said to have thoroughly investigated the matter (a point that has been disputed). After those activities, The Velveteen Dream remained on the roster…but largely unseen.

Most recently prior to his release, a couple new reports popped up.

One mentioned that the former Superstar had not been seen at the Performance Center in months-not a great sign. Another, however, noted that Dream was supposedly backstage at a recent RAW, which had fans speculating that he’d be called up shortly.

As it turns out, the visit to RAW was possibly involved in his exit-even though Dream had another perspective.

According to reports, the reason behind Velveteen Dream’s exit had nothing to do with the series of allegations against him. That is shocking enough.

Instead, the reason behind Velveteen Dream’s exit is said to involve an incident between Dream and a top Superstar within WWE.

While most details are scarce still, we can expect more to come out eventually.

Based on this news, you cannot help but wonder if Dream’s impromptu visit to RAW recently did not sit well with someone, and things got heated.

If so…it truly did not work out well for Dream…even if the exit probably was justified a while ago.

AEW Star Nearly Kidnapped

This seems stunning, but a top AEW star was nearly kidnapped by a fan.

What is even more crazy is, this didn’t happen all that long ago.

aew star nearly kidnapped

source: custom, MJF Twitter screenshot

The story was told to us by one of AEW’s top heels, MJF, during a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio.

According to Friedman, someone disliked him so much that he wanted to apparently kidnap him.

And, per the top AEW star, he was nearly kidnapped.

The fan dressed up as a pilot and made it past security. When he encountered MJF, he simply told the AEW star that he was flying him back to New York after the show.

As Friedman explained, his father was dealing with some health issues at the time, and at first he thought Tony Kahn and AEW were just taking care of their own.

That would make sense, as talent has spoken highly of how Kahn treats his employees.

However, when MJF thanked Tony…the ruse quickly unraveled. Kahn confirmed he had made no such arrangements, and AEW security handled it from there.

Fortunately, there was no harm done…but it is frightening to think how bad things could have gone.

In the wrestling world, it’s not the only time crazy things have come up…just the most recent. 

Last year, WWE had two of their Superstars involved with a fan breaking in and planning harm to them.

This is just the latest reminder that, while wrestling is entertainment…to some fans, it’s exceedingly real. To the point that some act irrationally and do thingngs like nearly kidnapping an AEW star.