Brock Lesnar – WWE Return, Velveteen Dream Arrest Video

Brock Lesnar WWE Return
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A WWE return for Brock Lesnar is getting close as his an opponent and date have been decided. Also, video of Velveteen Dream being arrested has hit the internet.

Brock Lesnar – WWE Return

As we inch closer to WrestleMania 39, WWE will look to bring in some big names. Steve Austin and The Rock have been heavily discussed for two different matches.

Also, Cody Rhodes should be cleared to return from injury by that time. As of now, he is penciled in against Seth Rollins.

Another top drawing name who has not been seen lately is Brock Lesnar.

As per NewsXero, Lesnar is scheduled to face Bobby Lashley at next month’s Royal Rumble. It will be the third meting with the two, as they are tied with one win each.

The most recent match came at Crown Jewel, where Lashley also turned heel. Lashley dominated the match until Lesnar scored a quick three count.

Unfortunately, the final sequence was botched and fans ridiculed the conclusion. And, the feud likely ends next month.

As for the future, there is no word on what WWE has planned for Lashley. Although, Lesnar has been linked to Gunter for the two night event.

Velveteen Dream Arrest Video

Brock Lesnar WWE Return

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

At one point, Velveteen Dream seemed like he would be a star in NXT and eventually the main roster. Then, he was accused of taking pictures of children and other creepy stuff.

WWE investigated and found no evidence over the claims. Therefore, he was allowed to return to NXT TV.

Fans were not happy and then we saw a pattern emerge. 

Every time WWE featured Velveteen Dream, fans took to social media and #FireVelveteenDream would trend. Still, WWE did nothing. 

After several months, even though it felt longer, Velveteen Dream was let go. And since then, he as avoided the wrestling business.

While he is staying away from the ring, the gym is a different story. Actually, he might want to avoid that area too.

You see, Velveteen Dream was arrested outside a Florida gym in August. He was taken in for reportedly biting and punching a gym employee.

Now, TMZ published video of the arrest where Velveteen Dream denied the allegations. He gets a bit emotional and then starts commenting how the police are mishandling the arrest.

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”N1eikDjWiDI” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

Eventually, he starts to calm down. And then, he admits to having a bit to drink.

As of September, the matter is described as ‘disposed.’ Velveteen Dream pled not guilty and the victim did not prosecute.

In the end, Velveteen Dream paid $1,200 bond in September and that part of his life seems closed. As for wrestling again for a major promotion, that will probably never happen.

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